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Babestation TV Archives – Memories From Early Years

Babestation TV was the original Babe Channel and is now into it’s eleventh year the early days were very different to what we see now with the presenters sharing time reading viewers texts and talking to callers.

Babestation TV has given viewers a lot of memories over the years and what is missing now is the presenting and the fun that often brought, like the time Jessie was messing around wearing a wig and it flew off right across the studio live on air. Also the time Hazel Bond when trying to advertise for callers read out her mum’s phone number instead of the Babestation one.

Then there was “Private Babe” , in the early days the show was only 9pm until 2am but then there was an hour where one presenter stayed and did her own thing. Babestation was joined later by Babecast and they both did “Private Babe” , Dani O’Neal on Babestation used to show all and did her famous “bum trick” which would probably make the people at Ofcom have heart failure if anyone did that now. Safe to say Ofcom’s gaze wasn’t on the Babe Channels in those days like they are now. On Babecast Dionne Mendez would often do the private babe hour by doing quizzes about herself, people would have to text the answers in and if they were right she would get her boobs out and would also send them a signed photo.

This post will feature clips I have from those times, if the quality isn’t great then I apologise but these were recorded in the VHS days. The photo slideshow features some of the presenters who have been and gone on the channel which includes those from the sister channel Babe Cast.

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Anoushka Garin – Babestation TV – Babe Channel Archives – Photos

Anoushka Garin was a star of the early Babestation years, the channel was about a year old I think when she started and she was on for 3 or 4 years.

Anoushka Garin was born in Poland and was established in glamour and adult modelling before starting out on Babestation. I first saw her on Babestation long before I started or even though of started a website I became a fan straight away. I then started a Yahoo group, yes it really was that long ago! Long before Facebook Twitter and even Forums, it was just a fan thing and didn’t think she’d even notice it.

I got an email from her thanking me for starting it and inviting me down to London to meet her and that meeting was when she gave me the idea to make my site a modelling one. Again showing how long this was ago these photos were taken before I got a digital camera and were developed by my local chemist, he was rather pleased to see them I have to say and when I went to collect them he had a smile on his face.

Anoushka had a successful career in adult modelling as well although it was short, she did some b/g hardcore but she didn’t really enjoy it so tended to concentrate on girl/girl and then moved to glamour which is when Babestation came in. Anoushka proved herself to be a natural as a presenter and built some real partnerships on the channel, she and Jessie got on so well and became best friends and they were so funny presenting together.

After Babestation Anoushka went to Mexico and starred in some soft erotic films, the send up types of real movies, like “Lord of the G-Strings” and “Women In Black”. I’ve now lost touch with her as her life moved on but I was lucky to get to know her and who knows she may return to the UK soon.

It was actually during this Saturday that I spent with her that the idea for how my site would develop into a modelling site started, I had made a website and called it but it was purely a Celebrity site. Anoushka had the idea to make it a modelling site which I did. I started contacting models and asking them, which Nush helped with and my site became a modelling directory.

I feature Nush on my regular Babestation theme days on Twitter so make sure you follow me on there.

Jodie – Babe Channel Archives – Babestation Legend – Photos

Jodie formerly of Babestation was one of the most popular ever, she featured on Babestation for several years and still has a legion of fans out there.

Jodie who appeared on a good few channels but is probably best known for Babestation, she’s a lovely girl as well I met her at a party a few years ago and she was so nice. I only met her the one time at that party but from then on we were friends, talked regularly.

It’s safe to say she was happiest in the earlier style of Babestation when it all started getting “dirtier” as she put it she lost interest in the channels and her life has taken a new turn. I haven’t spoken to her in a while but when I last did she was happy and while I wouldn’t rule out a return, I do doubt it.

I’ll be adding Jodie to my site soon on the Babestation Menu so keep your eyes peeled. [url=””]Babestation Menu[/url]. She also features regularly during my Babestation days on Twitter where I post Babestation presenters past and present.

Bang Babes – Compilation – What A Life – Photos & Videos

Bang Babes Compilation from the archives, back when the boss of Studio 66 TV was their boss.

Bang Babes, back when it was run as a glamour only channel and before they got themselves in hot water with Ofcom almost nightly. Hope you like the video featuring – Asia, Gemma Cherry, Cleo, Holly James, Sophia Lares, Victoria Roberts, Tiffany, Jennifer Keellings and Vicki Valentine. Bang Babes then had such a stunning line up and if I can ever get my corrupt hard drive recovered I’ll upload more from the channel.

Asia starts off the video from a scene during their Army tribute night, Asia wasn’t on the channel for that long but she certainly made an impression and fans still talk about her and ask if she’s coming back. I don’t know about that but I do know the channels would be a better place if she did. Enjoy the slideshow of the some of the Bang Babes girls and the video of course.

I often have Bang Babes memories themed days on my Twitter, so follow here :-

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The Video

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Download Here – [url=”]Download Here[/url]

Jordan Jagger aka Jennifer Keellings – Bang Babes – Photos and Videos

Jordan Jagger aka Jennifer Keellings is a megastar of glamour modelling, the babe channels and porn. As “Jennifer” she burst onto the scene of Babestation and took the place by storm before moving to Bang Babes. As Jordan Jagger she conquered the American porn scene by starring in scenes for Brazzers, Reality Kings and more.

Jordan Jagger or Jennifer Kellings if you prefer was a real favourite of mine right from the start and even before she really knew who I was and what my site was about she supported me and let me add her to my site and she joined my Forum in it’s early days. Her time on Babestation was quite brief compared to some but she was a real phenomenon and swept in and helped some of the other girls take it to the next level. Then, Jamie, who you may now know as the boss of Studio 66 TV persuaded her onto Bang Babes.

I am lucky enough to have got to know Jennifer a little bit over the years and I would say that I think she was happier on Bang Babes than at any other time on the channels. She loved working for Jamie and as unlikely as it is that a comeback to the channels would happen. If it were to happen Jamie would probably be the only one who could get her to come back and what an addition to Studio 66 TV Jennifer would be. Still it’s not going to happen so we can dream on, although I do know that a comeback to glamour modelling in general is very much on the cards.

Her porn days are very much behind her so don’t be hoping that a comeback to porn will happen, that’s more unlikely than a comeback to the Babe Channels. Also more unlikely than Leeds United winning the Champions League this year. It’s not happening but a glamour comeback and maybe some girl/girl for sites like [url=””][/url] could very well happen.

Jennifer is planning trips to the USA and she loves Twistys work so we could see some stunning new stuff, but it’s a maybe as it stands now. For now enjoy these new photos Jennifer was kind enough to share with me and now you. I will be adding a gallery of her to my main site.

You can also follow Jennifer Keellings on Twitter – So enjoy these photos and underneath them have a look at the videos of her during her Bang Babes days. You can also see Jennifer on this post which is a tribute to Bang Babes video Bang Babes – Compilation – What A Life!!”.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load).

Jennifer Keellings in “Everlasting”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6708″]

Jennifer Keellings in “Ain’t Gonna Come Till I’m Ready”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6699″]

Jennifer Keellings in “Physical”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6704″]

Jennifer Keellings with Precious.

[jwplayer mediaid=”6692″]

Free Download Link -[url=”″]DOWNLOAD LINK[/url].

Tixie aka Sam James – Babestation Legend – Photos & Video

Tixie aka Sam James was a favourite for quite some time on Babestation TV before she retired and went into nursing.

Tixie modelled under the name Tixie for Babestation but also did some modelling under the Sam James name, she didn’t do that much modelling outside of her Babestation TV work though. She worked quite a few times with Gary Silver who was a friend as well as a top photographer but mainly she just concentrated on Babestation.

There’s no doubt of course what her most prominent assets were but apart from those amazing boobs there was plenty more about Tixie that excited Babestation viewers. She was on Babestation at a time before the Social Media explosion so not much is known about Tixie by her fans. People who know her say that she was one of the nicest people they met and that nursing was always something she wanted to do.

These photos were all taken by the highly talented Brighton photographer Gary Silver who’s website can be found here.

Enjoy these amazing photos and for those of us who were watching the channels when she was on they are a reminder and for those who missed her at least now you can see what you missed.

You will be able to see Tixie soon on my main site on the Babestation Menu and also on the upcoming Big Boobs Menu.

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The video is from one of her Babestation shows, apologies the quality isn’t that great but she was on at a time before recording from TV was as sophisticated as it is now. This was actually recorded originally onto VHS before I transferred it to DVD and then to the computer at a later date.

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

Tixie in “White Flag”

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Download Here – Download Link.

Sarah Louise – Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Photos

Sarah Louise is a genuine Babe Channel legend, starting out on Babecast where she was one of the original presenters she is now wowing the viewers on Storm TV.

Sarah Louise is a true glamour legend, already a top model before Babecast launched she was one of the models the partnership of The Sport and Cellcast brought in to launch the channel. They wanted famous Page 3 and Glamour models at launch.

Luckily for us Sarah Louise stayed on throughout Babecast’s time on air. She is one of the group I call the A-Team along with Emily Dean, Dionne, Rachael, Vikki Thomas and Vicky V, they were all sexy of course but also their sense of humour elevated Babecast to a different level back in the day of presenting.

Once presenting was taken away from all the channels then Babecast really wasn’t needed as it was really just Babestation then so they merged the two. For a long while though Babecast was THE channel and much of that was down to Sarah Louise.

Here’s a video of Sarah Louise on one of her Storm TV shows. You can follow her on Twitter –

Sarah Louise - Total Eclipse

The Video

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Yvette Merriman – Babe Channel Archives – The Perfect Girl – Photos

Yvette Merriman is 6’1″ of pure perfection a real favourite with the Babe Channel viewers and it’s not hard to see why.

Yvette Merriman is one of the most naturally beautiful women to ever appear on the channels and is one of if not the most natural presenter to ever appear as well. She started her Babe Channel career on Babecast which back then had some very strong personalities working for them.

They all had major success in Glamour modelling and Page 3 before appearing on Babecast, Vikki Thomas, Teresa May, Emily Dean, Rebecca Smythe to name just a few. It would have been easy for a young model to struggle in this company but this young inexperienced model took to the place like a duck to water.

Yvette Merriman had the same wicked sense of humour as the others like Emily and Vicki V and she thrived. When Babecast was scrapped by Cellcast Yvette moved over to Babestation and even though the format had changed to less presenting and more phone work Yvette thrived there as well.

She’s now retired and very happy with her new life but we will always have the memories of one of the best of all time. Not surprisingly Yvette is in the Hall of Fame.

You can see some of Yvette’s former colleagues on my Babestation menu on the main site.

Alex Adams – Hall of Fame – Babe Channel Legend – Photos & Videos

Alex Adams was always a shoe in for the Hall of Fame a real veteran of the Babe Channels and you only last a long time on those channels by being one thing…. very very good.

Alex Adams started on Babestation and quickly built up a large following, Alex started early enough on Babestation to catch the presenting era and was able to use her personality as well as looks to build her following. She also quickly grasped the importance of the internet, quicker than most models working with her it has to be said, she used Yahoo groups, her own Forum and later Facebook and Twitter to connect with her fans in a way that others didn’t.

I’ve always been impressed by her total honesty in her work, for example Alex’s private life is just that private, if a caller was probing a bit much rather than making a lie up she’d just tell him that she wouldn’t answer. I never had this confirmed but I suspect that is why Alex never wanted to do the day shows, with it just being normal chat she’d rather not do them than lie to callers. This is something she shares with Dionne Mendez who I know doesn’t ever do the day shows for that reason.

Alex has never miss sold anything, what she says you will get is what you get, I remember her giving the web guys behind a site created in her name a real ear bashing because they were hinting at hard content which is something Alex would never do. She’d rather tell her then bosses what for than have a fan of hers being tricked into thinking they would see something they wouldn’t.

Make sure you follow Alex Adams on Twitter –

Alex Adams a definite Hall of Famer.

Enjoy these photos that show exactly why Alex is a hall of famer and then below the images watch the videos for yet more proof. More videos will be added  so keep re-visiting this page.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load)

Alex Adams in “Hanging On The Telephone”

[jwplayer mediaid=”7416″]

Alex Adams in “Tubthumping”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6572″]

Download Here – [url=”″]DOWNLOAD LINK[/url]

French Chloe – Hall of Fame – Bluebird TV – Photos & Video

French Chloe was an obvious choice for the Hall of Fame from her days on Babecast to the present day she always looks so naturally beautiful.

French Chloe is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and is another who already had a successful modelling career on the go before appearing on Babecast where she first made her name. A natural beauty with a smile that can stop traffic and that wonderful french accent she was an instant favourite. Listening to her say the word “anonymous” in the day of the texts to the show was an absolute delight. Another Babecast presenter who was just as comfortable with the mic in her hand as she was with the phone.

I have been lucky enough to meet Chloe once or twice and I can honestly say that as well as being one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever met she is such a lovely person. In an industry where loyalty seems at a premium and people seem to fall out with each other on a whim, Chloe is set apart with a few others. Chloe is someone who will stand by her friends, help them whenever possible something that is clear enough to see when you see how people she works with or has ever worked with reacts to her.

Such a stunning lady and as the saying goes – And Then She Smiles! WOW!

You can see a lot more of Chloe at her official website –

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The Video (Will need to pre-load)

French Chloe in “Paris Match”

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DOWNLOAD LINK – [url=”″]Download Here[/url]