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Babestation TV Archives – Memories From Early Years

Babestation TV was the original Babe Channel and is now into it’s eleventh year the early days were very different to what we see now with the presenters sharing time reading viewers texts and talking to callers.

Babestation TV has given viewers a lot of memories over the years and what is missing now is the presenting and the fun that often brought, like the time Jessie was messing around wearing a wig and it flew off right across the studio live on air. Also the time Hazel Bond when trying to advertise for callers read out her mum’s phone number instead of the Babestation one.

Then there was “Private Babe” , in the early days the show was only 9pm until 2am but then there was an hour where one presenter stayed and did her own thing. Babestation was joined later by Babecast and they both did “Private Babe” , Dani O’Neal on Babestation used to show all and did her famous “bum trick” which would probably make the people at Ofcom have heart failure if anyone did that now. Safe to say Ofcom’s gaze wasn’t on the Babe Channels in those days like they are now. On Babecast Dionne Mendez would often do the private babe hour by doing quizzes about herself, people would have to text the answers in and if they were right she would get her boobs out and would also send them a signed photo.

This post will feature clips I have from those times, if the quality isn’t great then I apologise but these were recorded in the VHS days. The photo slideshow features some of the presenters who have been and gone on the channel which includes those from the sister channel Babe Cast.

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Sarah Louise – Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Photos

Sarah Louise is a genuine Babe Channel legend, starting out on Babecast where she was one of the original presenters she is now wowing the viewers on Storm TV.

Sarah Louise is a true glamour legend, already a top model before Babecast launched she was one of the models the partnership of The Sport and Cellcast brought in to launch the channel. They wanted famous Page 3 and Glamour models at launch.

Luckily for us Sarah Louise stayed on throughout Babecast’s time on air. She is one of the group I call the A-Team along with Emily Dean, Dionne, Rachael, Vikki Thomas and Vicky V, they were all sexy of course but also their sense of humour elevated Babecast to a different level back in the day of presenting.

Once presenting was taken away from all the channels then Babecast really wasn’t needed as it was really just Babestation then so they merged the two. For a long while though Babecast was THE channel and much of that was down to Sarah Louise.

Here’s a video of Sarah Louise on one of her Storm TV shows. You can follow her on Twitter –

Sarah Louise - Total Eclipse

The Video

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Yvette Merriman – Babe Channel Archives – The Perfect Girl – Photos

Yvette Merriman is 6’1″ of pure perfection a real favourite with the Babe Channel viewers and it’s not hard to see why.

Yvette Merriman is one of the most naturally beautiful women to ever appear on the channels and is one of if not the most natural presenter to ever appear as well. She started her Babe Channel career on Babecast which back then had some very strong personalities working for them.

They all had major success in Glamour modelling and Page 3 before appearing on Babecast, Vikki Thomas, Teresa May, Emily Dean, Rebecca Smythe to name just a few. It would have been easy for a young model to struggle in this company but this young inexperienced model took to the place like a duck to water.

Yvette Merriman had the same wicked sense of humour as the others like Emily and Vicki V and she thrived. When Babecast was scrapped by Cellcast Yvette moved over to Babestation and even though the format had changed to less presenting and more phone work Yvette thrived there as well.

She’s now retired and very happy with her new life but we will always have the memories of one of the best of all time. Not surprisingly Yvette is in the Hall of Fame.

You can see some of Yvette’s former colleagues on my Babestation menu on the main site.

French Chloe – Hall of Fame – Bluebird TV – Photos & Video

French Chloe was an obvious choice for the Hall of Fame from her days on Babecast to the present day she always looks so naturally beautiful.

French Chloe is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and is another who already had a successful modelling career on the go before appearing on Babecast where she first made her name. A natural beauty with a smile that can stop traffic and that wonderful french accent she was an instant favourite. Listening to her say the word “anonymous” in the day of the texts to the show was an absolute delight. Another Babecast presenter who was just as comfortable with the mic in her hand as she was with the phone.

I have been lucky enough to meet Chloe once or twice and I can honestly say that as well as being one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever met she is such a lovely person. In an industry where loyalty seems at a premium and people seem to fall out with each other on a whim, Chloe is set apart with a few others. Chloe is someone who will stand by her friends, help them whenever possible something that is clear enough to see when you see how people she works with or has ever worked with reacts to her.

Such a stunning lady and as the saying goes – And Then She Smiles! WOW!

You can see a lot more of Chloe at her official website –

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French Chloe in “Paris Match”

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Vicki Valentine – Babe Channel Archives – Don’t Go Away

Vicki Valentine is rightly regarded as a legend of the Babe Channel shows, she was one of the models who launched the channel “Babecast” and was on that channel for years.

Vicki Valentine showed her true personality in those early years of Babecast, a genuine comedian as well as stunning model Vicki shone in those shows. Her partnership with her best friend Emily Dean was legendary and the humour between them was superb.

Then of course she moved to the now defunkt Bang Babes, then under the stewardship of Jamie who now runs Studio 66 TV. Vicki Valentine was just as successful on Bang Babes but has now retired and moved out of the modelling limelight completely. She always said she just didn’t like the direction the channels were heading and decided it wasn’t for her anymore.

Vicki Valentine. A true legend!

I’ll be adding more Vicki content to the free Forum –

Vicki Valentine - Don't Go Away

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Vicki V & Emily Dean – Bridge Over Troubled Water

Vicki V and Emily Dean one of the great partnerships in Babe Channel history from Babecast to Bang Babes these two entertained with their humour and wowed guys with their looks.

Vicki V and Emily Dean started together on Babecast and just clicked, one from the North one from the South but they just hit it off largely due to their sense of humour. A good many of their shows together on Babecast back in the presenting days could have been classed as a comedy show as well as a sexy glamour show. The song I chose is one of the great songs and a song about friendship which seemed to fit for these two.

You’ll be able to see more of them both on this blog and more of Vicki Valentine on my main site – soon!

Vicki Valentine and Emily Dean - Bridge Over Troubled Water

The Video

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Emily Dean – Hall of Fame – Babe Channel Legend – Photos

Emily Dean is of course one of the best ever on the Babe Channels but also of glamour modelling in general.

It’s been ages and I realised I still hadn’t written anything about Emily Dean’s induction to the Hall of Fame, even though she was one of the first and was automatic back in 2009 when we first came up with the idea. The only reason it’s taken so long is that it’s so hard to put into words what Emily means to me but more importantly what she means to modelling and the Babe Channels.

Emily Dean, like most of the original Babecast lineup, was already an established model and actually Emily was more than established. She was a superstar of the topless modelling printed page world and actually wasn’t keen on being part of the Babecast set up. Emily didn’t immediately buy in to the whole Babe Channel format idea and was very much against being involved. Eventually though Emily was persuaded and quickly realised that she had a talent for presenting and viewers very quickly realised that Emily was far more than a gorgeous smile and wonderful boobs.

Emily Dean was talented enough with a microphone to front any show, she was a natural, remember these were the days where the two available Babe Channels had two girls presenting as well as three others on the phones. Usually the presenters would do an hour and then it would all move round there was no scripts at all the models were left to make it up as they went a long with only the viewers texts to read as a help.

Some struggled with this, but not Emily Dean, she was in her element, there is no doubt in my mind that Emily would be able to carry off a talk show on mainstream TV. She is a comedian, presenter, talk show host, chat show host in a glamour models’ body. Of course as a glamour model they don’t come any better.

I was lucky enough to become friends with her and the first time I met her it was just me and her in London and we went to an Art Gallery had a meal in her local and played bingo with her mum and it was the best day I’ve had. Emily is wonderful and became a really good friend who means a lot to me and it’s because of this that this blog post has taken so long coming because I just couldn’t put it into words appropriately and I still don’t think I’ve managed it.

You can see Emily Dean now during daytimes on Chat Girl TV on Sky Channel 901 and here.

Babe Channel Archives – Babecast – Rebecca Smythe

Next we have one of the most popular of all time, already a popular and famous model before appearing on Babecast, Rebecca Smythe, she immediately became one of the anchors for the then new channel. As comfortable with a microphone as she was in front of a camera she was a real favourite for a long time on Babecast as well as one of the hardest working models working with websites, magazines, The Sport and Sunday Sport and TV. Rumours still suggest we may see a Rebecca comeback at some point, here’s some photos she sent me during her Babecast days as she was added to the original Celebrities R Us.

Dionne Mendez – BBTV – Love Is A Battlefield

What can be said about Dionne Mendez, one of the most beautiful women on the planet and one of the best Babe Channel presenters of all time.

Dionne Mendez for a long time wowed viewers of Babecast as one of the original presenters who launched that channel, already an established model Dionne took to the TV screens and the microphone like a duck to water. As presenting fell by the wayside and Babecast was replaced by several different Babestation channels Dionne’s career never waivered and her popularity never stops rising. Now on Bluebird and a regular on She Bang TV – Dionne just gets hotter. Here’s a video set to a song by one of her favourite artists – Pat Benatar. Follow Dionne on Twitter now –

Dionne Mendez - BBTV - Love Is A Battlefield

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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