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Saskia Howard Clark – Big Brother Beauties – Busty Beauty – Photos

Saskia Howard Clark was one of two reasons I watched Big Brother 6 however it was only after she left the house that we saw those amazing boobs. The other reason was Orlaith McAllister who will feature on the blog soon.

Saskia Howard Clark left the Big Brother 6 house and went straight into the glamour magazines with her first and so far only topless shoots. In the house we only saw her body in a bikini. It was obvious there was going to be a bidding war once she came out the house.

Now I’m not a fan of Big Brother, the first couple maybe three series were ok, but for me it went on too long and can’t believe it’s still on but we do have to admit the show did find us some stunning women we may never have seen otherwise. One such and my favourite is Saskia. WOW!

You will be able to see Saskia on my main site soon on the upcoming Big Boobs Menu. For now have a look round the rest of the main site.