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Ree Petra – Bluebird TV – Babe Channel Legend – Photos & Videos

Ree Petra is another of the nations all time favourite Babe Channel models and it’s high time she made an appearance on my blog. She’s is one of the sexiest women alive and well it’s hard not to mention those boobs isn’t it?

Ree Petra has appeared on a few of our Babe Channels as well as having a successful glamour and adult career of the TV screens, she never fails to excite her fans on TV and with the body she has and that smile, it’s easy to see why.

Ree is one of the Babe Channel models who still finds time to model elsewhere as well and she has recently done some really sexy shoots with Lilly Roma ( for Lilly’s amazing new site She has done glamour and adult shoots and she never looks anything other than sensational. The slideshow features a collection of her Babestation TV shoots and the videos are from her Bluebird TV appearances and there will be more to come so keep this blog page bookmarked.

There are some amazing photo shoots and videos of Ree on the Babestation site. [url=”″]Babestation TV[/url]

You will be able to see her on my site very soon – .

You can also follow her on Twitter and I strongly advise you do. .

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NEW – Ree Petra in “Somewhere In My Heart”

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Ree Petra in “If Love Could Kill”

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Kitty Lea – Hall of Fame – Simply Stunning – Photos

Kitty Lea is one of the most beautiful women in the world I’m sure you will all agree and took the Babe Channels by storm after of course taking the world of Glamour modelling by storm before that.

Kitty Lea would be in whether this Hall of Fame was about general glamour modelling or as it is, just for the Babe Channels. A true glamour model in every sense, every shoot she does is top notch and believe me that’s not easy to do. Kitty would have been a successful model regardless of the era she was born into, what a lot of people call the height of Page 3 , the 80’s and 90’s , well Kitty would have fitted right in and been right with Sam Fox and Linda Lusardi in terms of popularity.

Her looks can make you speechless, her figure, eyes and smile are perfect and as those who follow her on Twitter will testify, she has a her head screwed on as well, she’s definately got her career in order and you can be sure that long term she has a plan as well. Hopefully her long term plans can wait a while though and we’ll see a lot more shoots and TV appearances over a long period of time, the glamour world of modelling isn’t ready to be Kitty free yet!

Oh and did I mention her perfect looks? Oh and her Playboy shoot will make your eyes water. You can see some samples from that shoot below.

You can see Kitty Lea on my site on the Studio 66 TV menu.

A shoe in for the hall of fame – Kitty Lea

Follow her on Twitter here if you aren’t already –


French Chloe – Hall of Fame – Bluebird TV – Photos & Video

French Chloe was an obvious choice for the Hall of Fame from her days on Babecast to the present day she always looks so naturally beautiful.

French Chloe is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and is another who already had a successful modelling career on the go before appearing on Babecast where she first made her name. A natural beauty with a smile that can stop traffic and that wonderful french accent she was an instant favourite. Listening to her say the word “anonymous” in the day of the texts to the show was an absolute delight. Another Babecast presenter who was just as comfortable with the mic in her hand as she was with the phone.

I have been lucky enough to meet Chloe once or twice and I can honestly say that as well as being one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever met she is such a lovely person. In an industry where loyalty seems at a premium and people seem to fall out with each other on a whim, Chloe is set apart with a few others. Chloe is someone who will stand by her friends, help them whenever possible something that is clear enough to see when you see how people she works with or has ever worked with reacts to her.

Such a stunning lady and as the saying goes – And Then She Smiles! WOW!

You can see a lot more of Chloe at her official website –

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French Chloe in “Paris Match”

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DOWNLOAD LINK – [url=”″]Download Here[/url]

Dionne Mendez – BBTV – Babecast – SheBang TV – Photos & Videos

Dionne Mendez is of course one of the greatest Babe Channel models of all time, starting out on the sadly missed Babecast channel and now wowing everyone on Bluebird.

Dionne Mendez is of course in the Hall of Fame and it’s hard to put in to words what she means to anyone who comes into contact with her. From my own perspective I was a huge fan on first sight, which for me wasn’t Babecast, because like¬†pretty much all of the Babecast’s original line up Dionne was already at the top as a model. This was in the days where Babecast were part owned by Cellcast and The Sport and the idea was to launch the channel with recognised famous and popular Page 3 Girls! That meant Dionne Mendez, Vikki T, Teresa May, Emily Dean and Louise Hodges as well as one or two others, not sure any were particularly keen but Dionne was dead set against the idea.

But as we know now she gave it a go and the rest is as they say is history. Dionne’s natural humour and talent with the microphone and her sense of humour fit perfect for Babecast and her fellow presenters and Dionne were a perfect fit. As I said Dionne Mendez¬†was already a favourite of mine from her printed page modelling and to see her on Babecast was great. Especially the private babe shows when she would do the last hour on her own, all unscripted of course with texts to read and she was a natural, those last hours were so entertaining.

Of course through it all was her incredible beauty but I think it’s a shame that her newer fans can’t see that other side to her now, as her beauty only grows so does her personality and that is pretty much hidden except of course for her lucky callers who get more from Dionne than they do from most. She talks to them, listens to them, sure she’ll get them to where they want to go but she’ll give them an experience as well. She’ll ask about them, talk to them, she’ll work with the cameraman, making sure at all times that the cameraman is listening to her call so he (or she) knows where he needs to move the camera next.

Those who know Dionne Mendez love her, she is generous, loyal, giving, loving, tough when she has to be, but it’s not just her friends she gives to , Dionne gives more back to her fans than most, those who call get something that bit extra. Never has there been a person more deserving of success as Dionne, if only her fans knew what she goes through (The travel alone) to give them a great time, but she delivers every time she’s on Red Light Central.

Follow Dionne on Twitter at –

You can also see a lot more and I mean a lot of more of Dionne now on the Babestation website on Babestation X Live. [url=”″]Babestation TV’s Official Website[/url] and on Amanda Randell’s brilliant website She Bang TV where you can see Dionne in front of the camera and enjoy her work behind the camera as well as she produces and directs now and works the camera. [url=””][/url].

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NEW – Dionne Mendez in “Be”

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Dionne Mendez in “Love Is A Battlefield”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6811″] DOWNLOAD LINK – [url=”″]DOWNLOAD LINK[/url]

Annie Bullah – Studio 66 TV – Sweetest Smile – Video

Annie Bullah is a long time favourite on the channels who has been away for quite some time but made a triumphant return to our screen recently on Studio 66 TV.

Annie Bullah is one of the most popular models in the UK with spells on Babestation TV and Bluebird and now on Studio 66 TV, you can follow her on Twitter –

The song I chose isn’t exactly a happy song I’ll grant you but I bet there’s a good few blokes out there that Annie has left feeling like this guy in this song.

Annie Bullah - Studio 66 TV - Sweetest Smile

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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Charlene Hart – Bluebird TV – Born To Run

Charlene Hart again for you and this time the video is from one of her naughty night shows on Bluebird. Yes the long time Babestation favourite is now a Bluebird regular.

Charlene Hart has always sizzled onscreen whether on days or nights and this night’s show is no exception, the amazing Charlene is one of the best models to follow on Twitter –

She’s has always had a big fan base and it’s still growing and now she’s doing more night shows her popularity is only going to increase, and understandably so. She’s one of the very best.

Charlene Hart - BBTV - Born To Run

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