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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Hall of Fame – Red Light Central – Photos & Videos

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is one of the legends of UK modelling both glamour and adult modelling have benefitted from Linsey being involved and now the Babe Channels are enjoying what she brings.

Linsey Dawn famously started topless modelling at just 16 with The Daily Sport, back in the days when this was legal, there was a famous countdown to her 16th birthday in the newspaper before the big unveiling. Ever since that moment she has been a phenomenon and her popularity has never stopped growing.

From her early days with The Sport including the dancing nights they put on at The Circus Tavern with stars like Sammy Jessop, Charmaine Sinclair and many more to her days on The Babe Channels Linsey has never disappointed. She has even done some porn films which are some of the most searched for videos on the internet. Back to glamour only now Linsey is wowing the viewers of Red Light Central with her amazing looks and modelling talent.

Linsey is of course in the Hall of Fame which is really all about the Babe Channels but Linsey qualifies for any Hall of Fame whether it is for the Babe Channels or general glamour modelling. An absolute star.

You can see more of Linsey on here own personal website – http://linseydawnmckenzie.co.uk/.

Also you will be able to see Linsey on my site soon. http://www.celebritiesrus.com/Home.htm.

The videos below the slideshow will be added to regularly so please keep this post bookmarked to keep in touch with the updates.

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NEW – Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Song Sung Blue

Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Anyone”

Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Troy”

Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Come Back To What You Know

Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “One and Only”

(Don’t worry it’s not the Chesney Hawkes version, no need to mute).

Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Beautiful Day”

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Daryl Morgan – Former Babestation Babe – Perfect Body

Daryl Morgan is someone who needs no introduction to Babe Channel fans and of course she is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame.

Daryl Morgan’s beauty is such that you probably, just for a few moments, forget how to speak when you meet her. I never have which is a big loss for me and I’m sure a huge relief for Daryl ;-) I’m sure her smile could cause car accidents but relax she only uses her super powers for good. As well as her beautiful face of course we can’t write about Daryl without mentioning her stunning boobs! They are almost unfair aren’t they? Such beauty!

There is of course much more to Daryl than pure beauty of course and one of the biggest reasons why she was a certainty for the Hall of Fame is her personality, for those who remember the channels when there was presenting will know what I mean.

I can’t speak highly enough about Daryl, she has always been so supportive of me and the site and that has never changed even as her popularity soared over the years to where of course she is now, one of the most popular models in the UK, never mind just the channels.

You can see a menu of Daryl Morgan galleries on my website here.

Angela Downs – Babestation TV – Don’t Stop

Angela Downs has been wowing Babestation viewers for a good while now and it’s no surprise when you take a look at her.

Angela Downs is a regular on Babestation night shows and has also done a couple of very sexy glamour shoots for their website. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Angela in the coming months as her popularity is always on the rise.

Here’s a video from one of her Babestation shows and a some sample photos from one of her Babestation shoots, as you can see her sex appeal is off the scale.

Angela can be followed on Twitter here.

I’ll also be adding Angela to my new Babestation menu on my main site. For now have a look at the current one.

You can also see a lot more of Angela Downs on the Babestation TV Official Website

The Video (Will need to pre-load) More to come.

NEW – Angela Downs in “Don’t Stop”

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Olivia Berzinc – Studio 66 TV – Busty Beauty

Olivia Berzinc came to prominence on the channels with Red Light Central/Playboy TV Chat and is now wowing viewers over at Studio 66 TV.

Olivia Berzinc is a stunning lady and has very rapidly become a firm favourite of the Babe Channel viewers and it’s not hard to see why. You can follow her on Twitter and she also has a Clips 4 Sale site where you can buy videos where she shows her incredible body.

Here’s a video of Olivia from one of her Studio 66 TV appearances, more will be added to this blog post as time goes on so keep it bookmarked.

Olivia will also be added to the Studio 66 TV menu as soon as possible. She’s been away with them on their annual shoot so content will be appearing soon over at their official website.

Olivia Berzinc - Studio 66 TV - Under the Bridge

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

Olivia Berzinc in “Under the Bridge”

DOWNLOAD HERE – Download Link

Kandi Kay – Studio 66 TV – Perfect Beauty

Kandi Kay has the perfect body, an amazing beauty who regularly stars on Red Light Central and Playboy TV Chat.

Kandi Kay has long been a favourite on the channels and it’s not hard to see why, simply stunning with absolutely perfect boobs and a smile that can make flowers grow. Easily one of the most popular models on any of our channels she’s a firm favourite with the Red Light Central and Playboy TV Chat fans.

Kandi has a very impressive official website as well, highly recommended for all her fans “Official Kandi Kay”. Also you can get up close and personal with Kandi Kay and a good few of her very hot friends on webcam at harddrive.xxx, you can see Kandi, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lucy Zara, Emma Butt, Alyson McKenzie, Jess West and the Twins! Preeti and Priya.

Kandi is latest model added to my Hall of Fame and there will be a very sexy menu of her on my site as soon as I can put it together. Here’s a few sample photos from her amazing site followed by a video (with more to come) from one of her TV Appearances.

EDIT – Kandi has now joined Studio 66 TV and there will be some more videos added over time. Kandi will also be added to my site with a menu of her own.

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NEW – Kandi Kay in “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”


DOWNLOAD LINK – Download Here.

Emma Butt – Babestation – Porn Icon – Mandinka

Emma Butt is one of the UK’s top porn stars and glamour/adult models now appearing regularly on Babestation TV where she is increasing her already large fan base.

Emma Butt is a very hard working model who can be seen on many websites and DVD’s from her porn career and her glamour career. She’s a regular over at secretease.com and many others.

Here she is in a video I made from one of her Babestation TV appearances where she again shows those massive boobs and amazing body while doing the dirty on the phone in her own unique style. It’s really not hard to see why she is such a popular addition to the Babestation team.

Emma appears on my secretease.com menu here – Secretease Menu on Celebritiesrus.com

Emma Butt - Babestation TV - Mandinka

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

Emma Butt in “Mandinka”


Rebecca Smythe – Babe Channel Archives – Babecast

Rebecca Smythe is one of the UK’s best models ever with a very long and successful career in both glamour and adult modelling as well as the Babe Channels.

Rebecca Smythe already a popular and famous model before appearing on Babecast, Rebecca Smythe, she immediately became one of the anchors for the then new channel. As comfortable with a microphone as she was in front of a camera she was a real favourite for a long time on Babecast as well as one of the hardest working models working with websites, magazines, The Sport and Sunday Sport and TV. Rumours still suggest we may see a Rebecca comeback at some point, here’s some photos she sent me during her Babecast days as she was added to the original Celebrities R Us.

I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca once when she was part of a Babecast PR event at a nightclub in Leeds where I was fortunate to be invited to sit with the models and their friends. What was obvious was Rebecca’s professionalism, of the models who was there she was the most experienced. All the time she was talking to me or others her attention was always on the other girls making sure they were OK. There were security officers there but she was always looking out for the younger models, when she was talking to me she was just a normal girl having a drink and a laugh. When it was her turn to hit the stage you could see the transformation happen instantly. She was suddenly Rebecca Smythe and it was time for work. She was amazing. A total professional.

Betsy Boobs – Busty Babes – American Modelling Icon

Betsy Boobs is one of the most beautiful of the “Big Boob” models of the 1990′s American dancing circuit, along with SaRenna Lee, Pandora Peaks and Traci Topps to name only three Betsy would tour the Lap Dancing clubs of America.

Betsy Boobs also did a lot of magazine modelling and videos but these were before the internet boom and content of Betsy is pretty hard to find on the internet. Her amazing boobs and beautiful face really got my attention and she’s been a favourite ever since.

There was only one video of her released in the UK which was an Electric Blue special hour long video which was only ever done on VHS. Here are some photos of the stunning Betsy Boobs.

She has long since retired now but SaRenna Lee is still friends with her and says she’s doing fine.

Tara O Connor – Page 3 Legend – Perfect 10

Tara O Connor is one of the most popular Page 3 Girls with her natural big boobs and stunning smile.

Tara O Connor was one of the busiest models of her time and looking at her it’s not surprising, this is a shoot she did for Perfect 10 at the height of her Page 3 fame. Here’s what page.com say about Tara.

‘While dark haired stunner Tara was born in Birmingham on January 8, 1974, her parents were both Dubliners and she spent much of her youth in the fair city, where much of her family still live. Being from a Catholic background didn’t stand in the way of her glamour career and her mother was actually her biggest fan.
“My mum loves what I do and has encouraged me all the way.”She says to me, ‘You are young and beautiful and have a fabulous body so do it now while you can. Don’t wait for gravity to set in.”
Page 3 Girl of The Year in 1998 and 1999, Tara was also voted the fourth favourite Page 3 Girl of all time in a 2000 poll, while at the height of her popularity, her Web site was receiving a staggering 200,000 hits per day’

Make sure you keep your eyes on my main site as Tara O Connor will be appearing in my upcoming Page 3 Menu – celebritiesrus.com

Michelle Marsh – Page 3 Legend – Glamour Modelling Icon

Michelle Marsh was one of the first models to agree to be added to celebritiesrus.com 8 years ago now when I decided to change it from a celebrities site to the modelling site it became.

It was the yes from Michelle that really made that change work, once I could tell other models that Michelle Marsh was going to be on it they virtually all agreed to be added. Michelle was at the time unquestionably the nations favourite pin up and she brought the then flagging in popularity Page 3 back to it’s former position in the nations hearts. Here’s what page3.com say about Michelle.

“Ah, Michelle Marsh, what a ridiculously good-looking woman she is. One look from her is enough to make any man slightly weak at the knees – but we’re not complaining! The gorgeous Oldham lass is a born entertainer and set about her path to stardom as soon as she could walk. She was interested in singing, acting and modeling from a young age, and initially appeared as an extra on soaps such as Brookside and later entered the TV sound-alike contest Stars in Their Eyes as Emma Bunton.

But, in 2002 she decided to focus on her modeling career and it’s fair to say it was a good decision to make. Michelle made a sizable contribution to The Sun’s Miss Cleavage competition in 2001, finishing second breast. Little did we know there were bigger things to come – her incredible, natural 32FF-26-32 figure is a genetic miracle.”

Michelle Marsh is of course retired now and very happy in her new life, you can follow her on Twitter Michelle’s Twitter. She is also happily married and is now Michelle Haining.

Michelle’s career was one of the best of all time and she always was very supportive of me right from my very first email to her telling her about my site in 2001.