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Michelle Marsh – Page 3 Legend – Glamour Modelling Icon

Michelle Marsh was one of the first models to agree to be added to celebritiesrus.com 8 years ago now when I decided to change it from a celebrities site to the modelling site it became.

It was the yes from Michelle that really made that change work, once I could tell other models that Michelle Marsh was going to be on it they virtually all agreed to be added. Michelle was at the time unquestionably the nations favourite pin up and she brought the then flagging in popularity Page 3 back to it’s former position in the nations hearts. Here’s what page3.com say about Michelle.

“Ah, Michelle Marsh, what a ridiculously good-looking woman she is. One look from her is enough to make any man slightly weak at the knees – but we’re not complaining! The gorgeous Oldham lass is a born entertainer and set about her path to stardom as soon as she could walk. She was interested in singing, acting and modeling from a young age, and initially appeared as an extra on soaps such as Brookside and later entered the TV sound-alike contest Stars in Their Eyes as Emma Bunton.

But, in 2002 she decided to focus on her modeling career and it’s fair to say it was a good decision to make. Michelle made a sizable contribution to The Sun’s Miss Cleavage competition in 2001, finishing second breast. Little did we know there were bigger things to come – her incredible, natural 32FF-26-32 figure is a genetic miracle.”

Michelle Marsh is of course retired now and very happy in her new life, you can follow her on Twitter Michelle’s Twitter. She is also happily married and is now Michelle Haining.

Michelle’s career was one of the best of all time and she always was very supportive of me right from my very first email to her telling her about my site in 2001.

Tashie Jackson – Daytime Beauty – Studio 66 TV – Hey Now! – Video

Tashie Jackson has been wowing Daytime viewers of the Babe Channels for a while now and is now part of the Studio 66 TV Team making sure the days are always sexy.

Tashie Jackson recently moved to Studio 66 TV and is perfect fit for the channel which consistently brings us the best glamour girls both on days and nights. Tashie hasn’t ventured onto the night shows but her popularity is going through the roof and it’s easy to see why. You can follow Tashie on twitter at http://www.twitter.com /TashieJackson and doing this is highly recommended. She’s very regularly on Studio 66 and she has made some sexy video blogs for their website. No photo shoots for them yet but we can live in hope.

This video is from one of her day shows where she again shows her beauty and cleavage as her amazing boobs are forced inside a top that I can only assume has been sprayed on. It’s tight! And sexy!

You can check out Tashie’s video blogs and any upcoming shoots on the Studio 66 TV website Studio 66 TV Official Website.

Check out the Studio 66 TV babes on my site http://www.celebritiesrus.com/studio66menu/index.htm.

Tashie Jackson - Daytime Beauty - Busty Babe - Hey Now.

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Tashie Jackson in “Hey Now!”


Siri – Studio 66 TV – Top Pornstar – Some Might Say

Siri is one of the world’s most successful porn stars and it’s not hard to see why, she’s worked with most if not all of the top porn companies and can now regularly be seen on her webcam live on Studio 66 TV.

Siri has a very successful website on Vicki Vette’s “Vicky At Home” network and her big natural boobs made her a star instantly and then her talent took her the rest of the way. Here’s what her bio says on her excellent website Siri’s Official Website.

“All-natural beauty Siri decided she wanted to be in adult films while in college at age 19 – four years before she finished school, made the move to Los Angeles, and finally shot her first porn scene in February 2012. Since then Siri has quickly made a name for herself (and her breasts… which may as well have names of their own) in the adult industry, including winning the title of Miss FreeOnes Best Newcomer 2012, receiving an AVN Awards nomination for Best New Starlet 2013, AND 3rd Place Overall in Miss FreeOnes 2013.

With her dynamic sexuality (hardcore boy/girl fucking, intimate lesbian sex, bitchy domination, sweet submission), Siri hypnotizes and delights her loyal fans (whom she lovingly calls “Sirians”)… and constantly recruits new ones!

Though Siri and her amazing natural H-cup tits and curvy ass come from a mix of mostly Swedish heritage (with some Danish and Norwegian!) she was born in Minnesota and grew up in Texas. Siri’s name is a shortened version of the common Scandinavian name Sigrid, which means “Beautiful Victory” in Old Norse.”

You can follow Siri on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/SiriPornStar.

Siri - Studio 66 TV - Pornstar - Some Might Say

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Vicky Valentine – Hall of Fame – Babecast Legend – Photos & Videos

Vicky Valentine is rightly regarded as a legend of the Babe Channel shows, she was one of the models who launched the channel “Babecast” and was on that channel for years.

Vicky Valentine showed her true personality in those early years of Babecast, a genuine comedian as well as stunning model Vicky shone in those shows. Her partnership with her best friend Emily Dean was legendary and the humour between them was superb.

Vicky did some stronger solo modelling and some hard girl/girl for a while to give it a go but it’s safe to say that it wasn’t for her so then concentrated on glamour modelling on the channels and her photographic modelling took a backseat.

After Babecast she moved along with Emily to the now defunkt Bang Babes, then under the stewardship of Jamie who now runs Studio 66 TV. Vicky Valentine was just as successful on Bang Babes but has now retired and moved out of the modelling limelight completely. She always said she just didn’t like the direction the channels were heading and decided it wasn’t for her anymore and left the scene completely.

Vicky Valentine. A true legend and a shoe in for the Hall of Fame.

I often do Vicky Valentine days on Twitter so make sure you follow – http://www.twitter.com/celebritiesrus.

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NEW – Vicky Valentine with Holly James in “Because The Night”

Vicky Valentine with Emily Dean in “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Vicky Valentine in “Don’t Go Away”

Download Here – Download Link

Sarah Louise – Hall of Fame – Babecast – Photos & Videos

Sarah Louise is one of the best of all time, already a top model before she started on the Babe Channels her popularity shot through the roof with her work on Babecast as one of the original presenters of what is still my favourite channel.

Sarah Louise really took to presenting on Babecast and her natural sense of humour was evident straight away and working with Dionne Mendez, Teresa May, Rebecca Smythe, Emily Dean and Vicky V they made the channel almost a comedy channel at times. Over time of course the presenting side of the channels fell away and I know Sarah Louise agrees with me that this was a shame. However she still blossomed and her popularity continued to grow.

She has a huge fan base from her days as a photographic glamour girl and from her days on the Babe Channels and her level of popularity comes from her amazing looks of course but more than that she is someone who could receive a call from a guy on the channel and remember him straight away. Not just callers who call her every night and plenty do that, but people who maybe see her on Storm TV now and remember her from her Babecast days. The chances are she will remember him after a short chat and remember things about him from chats that happened years ago. She is almost unique in this, Dionne also has this knack. No surprise then that Sarah Louise is still one of the best on any channel and of course was an automatic choice for the Hall of Fame.

You can follow Sarah Louise on Twitter here – http://www.twitter.com/sarahlouiseit.

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NEW – Sarah Louise and Charlie Monaco in “Tunnel Of Love”

Sarah Louise in “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”


Danni Levy – Busty Babe – Babestation TV – Photos & Videos

Danni Levy is one of the most exciting of the new(ish) Babe Channel babes, within a week or two of her starting on Babestation she was a phenomenon.

Danni Levy is definitely the bustiest girl on Babestation and I can only think of Candy Charms who matches her in the chest department across all channels, her popularity is down to a lot more than just those massive breasts though. She is always listed in the most popular models list on Babestation’s website and when she’s on the TV you rarely see her having to hold her phone up asking for calls.

Danni Levy will hopefully be around for some time and I’m sure it won’t be long before the other glamour and adult websites like Twistys find her and hire her. You can see a lot more of her on the Babestation official website including parts of her you will never be able to see on TV. Babestation Official Site.

You will soon be able to see Danni on my site on the Babestation menu – http://www.celebritiesrus.com/babestationmenu/index.htm. Also make sure you follow Danni on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/DanniLevy1 .

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NEW – Danni Levy in “Starry Blued Wonder”

Danni Levy in ” She Bangs The Drum”

Danni Levy in “Wanna be Starting Something”

Danni Levy in “Stop Whispering”

DOWNLOAD HERE – Download Link

Studio 66 TV – Glamour Channel – Sky Ch 912,941,942 – Photos & Videos

Studio 66 TV was of course formerly known as Elite TV and they broadcast 24 hours a day and in my opinion are now the best of the channels for several reasons.

Studio 66 TV is the best at the moment in my opinion for the following reasons, generally speaking they have the better picture quality though Ch 938 is an exception that I wish they would correct. Also Studio 66 never seem to forget that there is no point trying to advertise very strong material due to Ofcom rules so instead of hinting at or even promising XXX they simply give us absolute glamour. They cater for the tastes of the guys who want stronger material via their website, which is another reason why it’s the best channel at the moment.

Studio 66 TV’s website is updated every day with at least 2 updates, sometimes 3 if you include the video blogs that the girls do, also on Wednesday’s the site’s members can view the parts the TV channel can’t reach! So while the TV viewers are watching the upper half of the model onscreen the members of the website can watch the lower half showing you parts of their models you have probably never seen. (EDIT: This feature has now been removed due to not enough of their models wanting to model to these levels) Proof of all this can be seen here Studio 66 TV Official Website.

For website owners and blog authors they also have a very good affiliate program which not many glamour sites have and it is every bit as good as the top US website ones. They offer content that you can use as well as a wide choice of banners and they keep it up to date.

Is Studio 66 TV perfect? No of course not but given the restrictions of the current format of Babe Channels, i.e.; No presenting and texts which I feel is sadly missed and would actually get Ofcom off a lot of backs. As the channels suddenly become a TV program when there are presenters instead of what they now see as simply premium rate adverts. Which by the way is how the overseas viewers see it as well. I often see on American websites such as Twistys comments that they have seen Sophia Knight topless on a TV advert! It’s a fact though that presenting and texts aren’t coming back so given that fact I would say Studio 66 is as good as it can be. Here are some photos as a slideshow and below that you will find a couple of videos.

You can also view photos of their models on my main site on their own menu so have a look at what you will find when you join up http://www.celebritiesrus.com/studio66tvmenu/index.htm.

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NEW – Studio 66 TV – Girls Talk

NEW – Studio 66 TV – Night Time Tribute

DOWNLOAD HERE – Download Link

Jana Defi – Amazing Boobs – Czech Beauty

Jana Defi was born in Prague in 1984 and was first featured as a model at http://www.busty.pl in 2005 and very quickly became a sensation across Europe.

Jana Defi also modelled under different names, Maria Swann and Princessa being the most common, she has appeared on the cover of loaded magazine a couple of times, in 2007 she was on the cover with our very own Michelle Marsh. Her amazing 32G natural boobs made her an instant star everywhere she was seen and her career blossomed, her personal website was an instant hit and was regularly updated before it was taken down in 2010 after she retired.

Jana announced at the time that her retirement was for personal reasons and that it wasn’t final but so far we still wait for her return, let’s hope she does make a comeback soon.

Jennifer Keellings aka Jordan Jagger – Studio 66 TV- Photos & Videos

Jennifer Keellings aka Jordan Jagger is a megastar of glamour modelling, the babe channels and porn. As “Jennifer” she burst onto the scene of Babestation and took the place by storm before moving to Bang Babes. As Jordan Jagger she conquered the American porn scene by starring in scenes for Brazzers, Reality Kings and more.

Jennifer Keellings or Jordan Jagger if you prefer was a real favourite of mine right from the start and even before she really knew who I was and what my site was about she supported me and let me add her to my site and she joined my Forum in it’s early days. Her time on Babestation was quite brief compared to some but she was a real phenomenon and swept in and helped some of the other girls take it to the next level. Then, Jamie, who you may now know as the boss of Studio 66 TV persuaded her onto Bang Babes.

I am lucky enough to have got to know Jennifer a little bit over the years and I would say that I think she was happier on Bang Babes than at any other time on the channels. She loved working for Jamie and as unlikely as it is that a comeback to the channels would happen. If it were to happen Jamie would probably be the only one who could get her to come back and what an addition to Studio 66 TV Jennifer would be. Still it’s not going to happen so we can dream on, although I do know that a comeback to glamour modelling in general is very much on the cards.

Her porn days are very much behind her so don’t be hoping that a comeback to porn will happen, that’s more unlikely than a comeback to the Babe Channels. Also more unlikely than Leeds United winning the Champions League this year. It’s not happening but a glamour comeback and maybe some girl/girl for sites like Twistys.com could very well happen.

Jennifer is planning trips to the USA and she loves Twistys work so we could see some stunning new stuff, but it’s a maybe as it stands now. For now enjoy these new photos Jennifer was kind enough to share with me and now you. I will be adding a gallery of her to my main site.

You can also follow Jennifer Keellings on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/jordanjagger. So enjoy these photos and underneath them have a look at the videos of her during her Bang Babes days. You can also see Jennifer on this post which is a tribute to Bang Babes video Bang Babes – Compilation – What A Life!!”.

EDIT – (23rd Jan 2014) – Well after 4 and a half years away from the channels Jen is back! She has wowed audiences of Studio 66 TV with her sensational looks and talent as a model. She hasn’t lost any of her ability to hold the audiences attention while keeping the callers “happy!”. What I would say is that Studio 66 either need to up the bit rate of Channel 938 or stop always putting Jennifer on that channel! It’s an awful picture!

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NEW – Jennnifer Keellings in “Waterfall”

Jennifer Keellings in “Titanium”

NEW – Jennifer Keellings in “How You Remind Me”

Jennifer Keellings in “Everlasting”

Jennifer Keellings in “Ain’t Gonna Come Till I’m Ready”

Jennifer Keellings in “Physical”

Jennifer Keellings with Precious.

Free Download Link -DOWNLOAD LINK.

Tara Lee – Babestation TV – Hall of Fame – Photos & Video

Tara Lee is one of the most popular girls to ever appear on any of the channels, a good few years after her retirement requests for her pictures come to me all the time on Twitter.

Tara Lee was one of the longest serving models on Babestation when she gave up and stopped modelling altogether and moved to Spain. Her popularity is as much to do with her lovely personality as well as her sexy looks and big boobs. Tara was one of the better presenters in the days of presenting and her sense of humour often came over during those shows, she didn’t do much modelling outside of Babestation despite a lot of prodding from colleagues who knew she could do a lot more. Tara was happy to do the Babestation shows and then spend her off time with friends and family rather than do more modelling elsewhere.

You will be able to see Tara on my site on the Babestation menu – http://www.celebritiesrus.com/babestationmenu/index.htm.

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