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Babestation TV Archives – Memories From Early Years

Babestation TV was the original Babe Channel and is now into it’s eleventh year the early days were very different to what we see now with the presenters sharing time reading viewers texts and talking to callers.

Babestation TV has given viewers a lot of memories over the years and what is missing now is the presenting and the fun that often brought, like the time Jessie was messing around wearing a wig and it flew off right across the studio live on air. Also the time Hazel Bond when trying to advertise for callers read out her mum’s phone number instead of the Babestation one.

Then there was “Private Babe” , in the early days the show was only 9pm until 2am but then there was an hour where one presenter stayed and did her own thing. Babestation was joined later by Babecast and they both did “Private Babe” , Dani O’Neal on Babestation used to show all and did her famous “bum trick” which would probably make the people at Ofcom have heart failure if anyone did that now. Safe to say Ofcom’s gaze wasn’t on the Babe Channels in those days like they are now. On Babecast Dionne Mendez would often do the private babe hour by doing quizzes about herself, people would have to text the answers in and if they were right she would get her boobs out and would also send them a signed photo.

This post will feature clips I have from those times, if the quality isn’t great then I apologise but these were recorded in the VHS days. The photo slideshow features some of the presenters who have been and gone on the channel which includes those from the sister channel Babe Cast.

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Alice Goodwin – Hall of Fame – Total Beauty – Photos & Videos

Alice Goodwin is the ultimate glamour girl in my opinion. A model who is just as wonderful in print as she is on TV, if Alice had been born into an earlier era when “Page 3 Girl” was the top glamour title in the UK and were known around the world then Alice would have been at the very top.

Alice was reaching the top of the Glamour world on a parallel path to the Babe Channels, she was making her name in print mainly with Zoo Magazine. She was their contracted model and sold them millions of copies before it was time to conquer another side of glamour modelling.

Alice Goodwin then started appearing on Elite TV (As it was then) Daytimes to start with and in true glamour girl style Alice teased us with the odd hour between 9-10PM where she hinted at topless. For a long time though the only place to see Alice topless was Zoo magazine, but as time went on Alice would do more of these tease hours until eventually she started appearing on nights. Once those amazing boobs were unleashed on the night show babe channel audience all hell broke loose.

One thing I always noticed though about Alice’s night shows was that despite the fact that she was undoubtedly doing phone sex, you pretty much have to on the late shows, she never ever forgot she had TV audience as well. Never pulling contorted dirty faces she gave the caller what he wanted, sometimes she, without ever losing the glamour girl looks on screen.

Alice Goodwin oozes class in whatever modelling she is doing, modelling isn’t easy not every gorgeous girl (or handsome man for that matter) can do it, Alice does it SO well. She is pure beauty, her face and body are perfect and even though I am not lucky enough to know her at all I, like her followers on Twitter, can tell she tops her looks off by being a lovely down to earth lady. You can tell by the way her fellow models interact with her that they love her.

Alice Goodwin, a shoe in for the Hall of Fame and a true glamour model. Total Beauty! Follow Alice Goodwin on Twitter –

Studio 66 TV’s Official Website featuring Alice photos and her personal video blogs.

She will be added back to my main site once I put that live, as long as she agrees which I think she already has.

Undoubtedly the best place to go for Alice Goodwin content is Only Fans. She has no official website so don’t believe any links that try and take you to a website for her, the only place to go

Thanks as always to Studio 66 TV for allowing the photos to be used. They are always so supportive.

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The Videos (They will need to pre-load).

NEW – Alice Goodwin in “All I Wanna Do”

Alice Goodwin in “Imagine”

Alice Goodwin in “Unattainable”

Alice Goodwin in “Hands On Me”

Alice Goodwin – Sophia Knight – Charlie O’Neal – in “Threesome”

Alice Goodwin in “I Am The Resurrection”

Alice Goodwin in “Living Next Door To Alice”

Alice Goodwin in “The Model”

Alice Goodwin in “Trapped”

Alice Goodwin in “Police Girl”

Alice Goodwin in “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

Alice Goodwin in “Dream Catch Me” includes some wardrobe malfunctions

Alice Goodwin in “Sizzling”

Alice Goodwin in “Bikini”

Alice Goodwin in “Fade Out”

Tracy Dixon – Page 3 Legend – Blonde Bombshell – Photos

Tracy Dixon starred on Page 3 and in men’s top shelf magazines a gorgeous blonde from Sheffield she dominated the thoughts of many teen lads and older men in truth.

Tracy Dixon was one of the most naturally beautiful women in Page 3 with her beautiful flowing hair and perfect body she was an instant hit. She made many appearences on Page 3 and was one of the most sought after Page 3 girls by the top shelf magazines. Mayfair seemed to be her favourite and these photos are from one of her appearences in that magazine. Along with her best friend, Sian Adey Jones, Tracy dominated the modelling scene for a good few years.

Here’s what say about her in her profile.

She may have changed the spelling of her name from Tracy, Tracey and even Traci throughout her five-year Page 3 career, but to us she’ll always be gorgeous Tracy Dixon. Having been a former sprint champion, it’s no wonder our Sheffield lass had what it takes to shine on Page 3 and as a teenager she managed to keep herself out of the pub her mum ran by going to her beloved Sheffield Wednesday FC and taking care of her ever-increasing army of dogs.

Tracy’s dog collection grew and before too long she had acquired an Alsatian, four Whippets, a Greyhound, which she probably kept trim by racing, a Yorkshire Terrier, and just in case that wasn’t enough mayhem, a cat too.

Tracy later turned her hand to acting, not only making many appearances on the hit 80’s show The Grumbleweeds, but most importantly appearing as Emily, alongside Oliver Reed, Shelley Winters and Alfred Marks in the 1983 film Fanny Hill. Eventually Tracy must have tired of the highlife and returned to Sheffield, but glamour was never far away and she eventually opened up her own clothes shop.”

You will be able to see Tracy Dixon on my site on the upcoming Page 3 Girls Menu. For now have a look round the site.

Ree Petra – Bluebird TV – Babe Channel Legend – Photos & Videos

Ree Petra is another of the nations all time favourite Babe Channel models and it’s high time she made an appearance on my blog. She’s is one of the sexiest women alive and well it’s hard not to mention those boobs isn’t it?

Ree Petra has appeared on a few of our Babe Channels as well as having a successful glamour and adult career of the TV screens, she never fails to excite her fans on TV and with the body she has and that smile, it’s easy to see why.

Ree is one of the Babe Channel models who still finds time to model elsewhere as well and she has recently done some really sexy shoots with Lilly Roma ( for Lilly’s amazing new site She has done glamour and adult shoots and she never looks anything other than sensational. The slideshow features a collection of her Babestation TV shoots and the videos are from her Bluebird TV appearances and there will be more to come so keep this blog page bookmarked.

There are some amazing photo shoots and videos of Ree on the Babestation site. [url=”″]Babestation TV[/url]

You will be able to see her on my site very soon – .

You can also follow her on Twitter and I strongly advise you do. .

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The Video (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Ree Petra in “Somewhere In My Heart”

[jwplayer mediaid=”7729″]

Ree Petra in “If Love Could Kill”

[jwplayer mediaid=”7121″]

Download Link – [url=”″]Download Link[/url]

Darina Vanickova – Euro Babes – Perfect Boobs – Czech Beauty – Photos

Darina Vanickova first came to my attention in a video from and I had no idea who she was but I knew I had to find out.

Darina Vanickova really does have perfect boobs they are simply sensational as the photos on this blog post will show. She also has a pretty perfect everything else as well, known more for her porn films and shoots than glamour but her glamour shoots are pretty damn good as well.

Darina retired a few years ago but she coming back to do some shoots for DDF Busty and maybe a few more, we can’t get enough of those boobs.

You will be able to see Darina on my site on two menus soon, on the Big Boobs Menu and the Euro Babes Menu. For now have a look at my main site here.

Bang Babes – Compilation – What A Life – Photos & Videos

Bang Babes Compilation from the archives, back when the boss of Studio 66 TV was their boss.

Bang Babes, back when it was run as a glamour only channel and before they got themselves in hot water with Ofcom almost nightly. Hope you like the video featuring – Asia, Gemma Cherry, Cleo, Holly James, Sophia Lares, Victoria Roberts, Tiffany, Jennifer Keellings and Vicki Valentine. Bang Babes then had such a stunning line up and if I can ever get my corrupt hard drive recovered I’ll upload more from the channel.

Asia starts off the video from a scene during their Army tribute night, Asia wasn’t on the channel for that long but she certainly made an impression and fans still talk about her and ask if she’s coming back. I don’t know about that but I do know the channels would be a better place if she did. Enjoy the slideshow of the some of the Bang Babes girls and the video of course.

I often have Bang Babes memories themed days on my Twitter, so follow here :-

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The Video

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Download Here – [url=”]Download Here[/url]

Tiffany Chambers – Hall Of Fame – Babestation Queen – Pics and Videos

Tiffany Chambers, now where do I start with this lady, clearly she was always a shoe in for the Hall of Fame, that was never in question.

Tiffany Chambers is absolutely beautiful, pure glamour and as this video shows she has an electric smile. Absolutely stunning and then as the song says “And then she smiles”.

As you can see the cliché “her smile can stop traffic” has never been more true than it is of Tiffany Chambers. Her work on Babestation is legendary of course, an instant hit after her first week on the show she quickly became a phenomenon and her popularity has never stopped soaring since.

Of course there’s a lot more to modelling, and being on the Babe Channels especially, than just beauty and Tiffany Chambers is one of the best ever. Whether on Babestation or on photo shoots her work is exemplary every photo you look at is breath-taking and whatever form of modelling Tiffany chose she was going to be a huge hit.

Thankfully she chose Babestation which means we see her on TV and not just magazines and we get to see something of her amazing personality. As I always says it’s a shame presenting is a thing of the past because Tiffany would be a huge star at that as well. But we can follow her on Twitter now so we get to know a little more about her.

Follow Tiffany on Twitter –

So good we just know her by one name Tiffany of course is in the Hall of Fame. Here’s some reasons why.

You can see Tiffany on my main site on the Babestation Menu –

Also of course you can see her on her new official site. Tiffany’s New Official Website.

Of course you can also find Tiffany on the Babestation website. Babestation Website.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Tiffany Chambers in “Nothing Compares 2 U”

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NEW – Tiffany Chambers in “London Calling”

[jwplayer mediaid=”7639″]

Tiffany Chambers in “Brilliant Disguise”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6763″]

Tiffany Chambers in “And Then She Smiles”

[jwplayer mediaid=”6283″]

Tiffany Chambers in “Tiffany Tuesday”

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Download Here – [url=”″]Download Link[/url]

Sammi Tye – Studio 66 TV – Twistys – Sexy Blonde – Photos & Videos

Sammi Tye has been causing a stir in the modelling industry for a good while and now she’s on Studio 66 regularly her popularity is rising.

Sammi Tye Studio 66 TV’s blonde bombshell with a real naughty streak as she proves regularly at Twistys is a glamour and adult model with a perfect 5’7″ 32C figure who can regularly be seen topless on Studio 66 and fully naked on the Studio 66 TV webcam service. Sammi also drives her fans crazy with desire on Adult Work at http://www.adultwork/sammitye.

Sammi has a few photosets and a video out on the Twistys website and one glance at the comments the members have left will tell you they will be using her a lot. Twistys only shoot with the best so it’s no surprise they hunted Sammi down.

With a special thanks to Studio 66 TV and Twistys I present you with some photos and a video, more videos will be added to this post so keep it bookmarked.

You can see more of Sammi here.

[url=”″]Studio 66 TV’s Official Website[/url].

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Sammi Tye in “Smooth Operator”

[jwplayer mediaid=”7610″]


Kitty Lea – Hall of Fame – Simply Stunning – Photos

Kitty Lea is one of the most beautiful women in the world I’m sure you will all agree and took the Babe Channels by storm after of course taking the world of Glamour modelling by storm before that.

Kitty Lea would be in whether this Hall of Fame was about general glamour modelling or as it is, just for the Babe Channels. A true glamour model in every sense, every shoot she does is top notch and believe me that’s not easy to do. Kitty would have been a successful model regardless of the era she was born into, what a lot of people call the height of Page 3 , the 80’s and 90’s , well Kitty would have fitted right in and been right with Sam Fox and Linda Lusardi in terms of popularity.

Her looks can make you speechless, her figure, eyes and smile are perfect and as those who follow her on Twitter will testify, she has a her head screwed on as well, she’s definately got her career in order and you can be sure that long term she has a plan as well. Hopefully her long term plans can wait a while though and we’ll see a lot more shoots and TV appearances over a long period of time, the glamour world of modelling isn’t ready to be Kitty free yet!

Oh and did I mention her perfect looks? Oh and her Playboy shoot will make your eyes water. You can see some samples from that shoot below.

You can see Kitty Lea on my site on the Studio 66 TV menu.

A shoe in for the hall of fame – Kitty Lea

Follow her on Twitter here if you aren’t already –


Lily Pink – Babestation TV – Blonde Busty Beauty – Photos & Videos

Lily Pink has been wowing the viewers of Babestation for some time now with her big natural boobs and sensational body.

Lily Pink never fails to excite when she’s on screen and while it’s hard not to focus on those amazing boobs there’s plenty more to catch the attention.

Appearing very regularly on Babestation nights means we get to see a lot of those wonderful boobs which is great. Even better news is that Lily is a regular on Babestation Cams where she will show what she can’t show on TV. She also appears on Babestation X on their website as well as doing regular photo shoots for the official Babestation TV website.

This thread will be her only thread on this blog and will be regularly updated with videos and photos so keep it bookmarked.

Lily appears on my main site on the Babestation TV menu. and you can follow her on Twitter at

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load) (More to come)

Lily Pink in “Don’t Marry Her”

[jwplayer mediaid=”7520″]

Download Here – [url=″]DOWNLOAD LINK[/url]