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Tracy Dixon – Page 3 Legend – Blonde Bombshell – Photos

Tracy Dixon starred on Page 3 and in men’s top shelf magazines a gorgeous blonde from Sheffield she dominated the thoughts of many teen lads and older men in truth.

Tracy Dixon was one of the most naturally beautiful women in Page 3 with her beautiful flowing hair and perfect body she was an instant hit. She made many appearences on Page 3 and was one of the most sought after Page 3 girls by the top shelf magazines. Mayfair seemed to be her favourite and these photos are from one of her appearences in that magazine. Along with her best friend, Sian Adey Jones, Tracy dominated the modelling scene for a good few years.

Here’s what say about her in her profile.

She may have changed the spelling of her name from Tracy, Tracey and even Traci throughout her five-year Page 3 career, but to us she’ll always be gorgeous Tracy Dixon. Having been a former sprint champion, it’s no wonder our Sheffield lass had what it takes to shine on Page 3 and as a teenager she managed to keep herself out of the pub her mum ran by going to her beloved Sheffield Wednesday FC and taking care of her ever-increasing army of dogs.

Tracy’s dog collection grew and before too long she had acquired an Alsatian, four Whippets, a Greyhound, which she probably kept trim by racing, a Yorkshire Terrier, and just in case that wasn’t enough mayhem, a cat too.

Tracy later turned her hand to acting, not only making many appearances on the hit 80’s show The Grumbleweeds, but most importantly appearing as Emily, alongside Oliver Reed, Shelley Winters and Alfred Marks in the 1983 film Fanny Hill. Eventually Tracy must have tired of the highlife and returned to Sheffield, but glamour was never far away and she eventually opened up her own clothes shop.”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Hall of Fame – Red Light Central – Photos & Videos

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is one of the legends of UK modelling both glamour and adult modelling have benefitted from Linsey being involved and now the Babe Channels are enjoying what she brings.

Linsey Dawn famously started topless modelling at just 16 with The Daily Sport, back in the days when this was legal, there was a famous countdown to her 16th birthday in the newspaper before the big unveiling. Ever since that moment she has been a phenomenon and her popularity has never stopped growing.

From her early days with The Sport including the dancing nights they put on at The Circus Tavern with stars like Sammy Jessop, Charmaine Sinclair and many more to her days on The Babe Channels Linsey has never disappointed. She has even done some porn films which are some of the most searched for videos on the internet. Back to glamour only now Linsey is wowing the viewers of Red Light Central with her amazing looks and modelling talent.

Linsey is of course in the Hall of Fame which is really all about the Babe Channels but Linsey qualifies for any Hall of Fame whether it is for the Babe Channels or general glamour modelling. An absolute star.

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The videos below the slideshow will be added to regularly so please keep this post bookmarked to keep in touch with the updates.

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NEW – Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Anyone”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Troy”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Come Back To What You Know

[jwplayer mediaid=”7480″]

Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “One and Only”

(Don’t worry it’s not the Chesney Hawkes version, no need to mute).

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Beautiful Day”

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Tracy Neve – Page 3 Legend – Natural Busty Beauty – Photos

Tracy Neve is one of the busiest girls ever to appear on Page 3 and in fact she took glamour modelling by storm not just Page 3.

Tracy Neve had more top shelf magazine appearences than most topless models of her day and it’s no wonder with her stunning smile and eyes and those amazing natural boobs.

Here’s what say about her in her profile.

“Tracy Neve was famous during her 80’s heyday for having the biggest, hhm, personality on Page 3 during that time. Her spectacular 36DD­ charms figure were something that were rarely seen before the likes of other generously endowed girls such as Sam Fox and much later, Keeley Hazell came to fruition.

Needless to say the Surrey sizzler became an instant hit with Page 3 followers and the scene seemed to be set for her career to turn stratospheric. Unfortunately personal problems and the birth of her first child tragically cut fun-loving Tracy’s Page 3 career short at the tender age of 21 and she never graced the nation’s favourite page again.

Tracy went on to pose for some slightly more, exotic magazines shortly after but her time basking in the Page 3 spotlight was gone leaving fans to mourn what could have been. She now lives in Essex with her husband and children.”

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Donna Ewin – Page 3 Legend – The Body – Photos

Donna Ewin is one of the best ever Page 3 Girls and one of the longest running girls on their pages her big natural boobs are legendary but there’s more to Donna than just big boobs.

Donna Ewin was nicknamed ‘The Body’, I guess she shared the nickname with Elle McPherson but it’s not hard to see why. Here’s what say about her.

“When it comes to Page 3 Legends, the East End of London is best known for blessing Page 3 with the one-woman phenomenon known as Sam Fox. But Hackney council must be putting something in the water because soon after Sam’s debut came the divine Donna Ewin.

She soon became one of The Sun’s biggest stars and won the Body Beautiful title at the end of the 80s. In 1990 she just missed out on the Page 3 Girl of the Year title, finishing runner-up to Kathy Lloyd.”

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Carol Needham – Page 3 Legend – 1982 Page 3 Girl Of The Year – Photos

Carol Needham was the 1982 Page 3 Girl Of The Year and was always one of the most popular girls on the books at that time, sadly she quit modelling very suddenly but she still loved her time.

Carol Needham was a firm favourite during her time on Page 3 and it’s not hard to see why, a natural brunette she graced Page 3 and top shelf magazines with her beauty until quitting.

Here’s what she told

“I used to love it. Working with (Page 3 photographer) Beverley was great, we would go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit and a real homely chat then suddenly it would be get your kit off time!
Sexy Carol Needham also paved the way for more busty beauties to adorn the nation¹s favourite page, saying: “After me came girls like Linda Lusardi and Sam Fox, so maybe I was just in tune with the Page 3 taste of the times. I always wanted to be all pouty and purring, but I couldn’t do it so I did smiley instead.”

Carol Needham also used the name Lee Ann Michelle including a 1985 shoot for the Japanese Playboy.

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Sarah Jaffer – Page 3 Legend – Sizzling Brunette – Photos

Sarah Jaffer was a hit in the 90s. Enjoying her fist ever shoot in April 1988, she was soon hailed Page 3 girl of the year twice in both 1992 and 1994.

Sarah Jaffer was one of the most popular Page 3 Girls and that’s no surprise when you look at her, when I started doing these Page 3 Legend blog posts I was inundated on Twitter with requests for Sarah Jaffer.

Here’s what say about Sarah.

“This busty brunette was a hit in the 90s. Enjoying her fist ever shoot in April 1988, she was soon hailed Page 3 girl of the year TWICE in both 1992 and 1994. With 32D assets, it’s no wonder she made 105 appearances before her last shoot in 1996.

An obvious Page 3 favourite, Sarah Jaffer was born in hot July 1971 in Middlesex and before her Page 3 days you could have found her pulling pints at her parents pub. What a delight. Aside from her saucy shoots, this French-speaking sizzler was a big cricket fan and enjoyed sailing and cycling.

Stunning Sarah claimed she spent most of her mornings having a “laid-back” breakfast, and would then spend hours “deep-conditioning” her hair, though despite this, pictures of the beauty horse riding in Dallas, Texas told The Sun readers otherwise.

Her bareback adventure at a ranch, back in May 1996, was captured for all her adoring fans to see and was far from the life of trips to the theatre she enjoyed back in London. We’re sure she caused a drama wherever she went. Sexy 90s beauty Sarah came number 46 in our poll of 100 Top Page 3 Girls of all Time.”

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Karen Clarke – Page 3 Legend – Sexiest Bum – Photos

Karen Clarke was one of my personal favourites on Page 3, she never got the level of attention of a Sam Fox or Linda Lusardi but she was, for me, just as popular, at the time they were the three girls I wanted to see on Page 3 when I bought The Sun and The Star

Karen Clarke appeared on Page 3 for four years and was at the same era as Sam Fox and Linda Lusardi, her body is amazing and she had the sexiest bum of any Page 3 girl at that time, at least in my opinion.

Here’s what say about Karen.

“Karen Clarke appeared from 1982-1986 after discovering she was double-jointed at school and becoming a school gymnastics star. This obviously stood her in good stead for becoming a Page 3 girl. Whilst on Page 3 she appeared in a TV advert as a cave girl. She owned three Persian cats and a cocker spaniel called Jody. She always dreamed of owning a super sleek Stingray car.”

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Ruth Higham – Page 3 Legend – Bolton’s Finest Boobs – Photos

Ruth Higham is another of my all time favourites, Ruth from Bolton, struck me the moment I saw her such a stunning girl with amazing natural boobs.

Ruth Higham appeared on Page 3 for several years and did do shoots for other companies, photographers but her fame was just before the real explosion of the internet so apart from a couple of Internet shoots she never really did that much online. She has never as far as I know appeared on Social Media.

Here’s what say about her in her profile.

“Gorgeous Ruth Higham was a key member of the Page 3 family between 1998 and 2004. It’s not hard to see why the sexy Bolton babe enjoyed such longevity. Her combination of killer curves and classic blonde looks went down a storm with the Page 3 fraternity until she pulled up her bra straps for the last time in the mid-noughties. But her popularity didn’t go unnoticed. She was quickly signed up to be the face of peanut company, ‘Big D’, the result of which was a 35 per cent sales rise in the first year as pub goers went quite literally nuts for her salty snack endorsement.”

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