Veronika Zemanova & Adele Stephens – Girl/Girl Shoot

Veronika Zemanova & Adele Stephens in a girl/girl shoot for Danni.com.

Veronika Zemanova & Adele Stephens was always going to become a really popular shoot with the Danni.com fans and in fact it became the most popular for a long time. Both worked regularly for Danni Ashe so it was no surprise when they came together for this shoot. One of the sexiest soft girl/girl shoots you can see.

Veronika Zemanova is without doubt the most successful glamour model of all time. Coming from a poor background in Prague she had a tough but happy childhood before starting out on what would become the great modelling career.

Adele Stephens is one of Britian’s most successful models of all time she worked constantly for over 15 years before retiring. She now leaves it to Babestation TV’s Hannah Claydon to fly the flag for Wakefield born models. Adele is married now and living happily at her home in West Yorkshire she leaves us with some incredible memories and some amazing photo shoots.

You can see both Veronika and Adele on my site – http://www.celebritiesrus.com/veronikazemanovamenu/index.htm and http://www.celebritiesrus.com/adelestephensmenu/index.htm.

Veronika Zemanova – By The Lake – Glamour Legend

Veronika Zemanova many believe is the most beautiful model who ever lived, I don’t know about that but I do know she is the most successful glamour model ever (so far). At the peak of her career she had a shoot every day and usually more than one a day.

Veronika Zemanova became the highest paid glamour model of all time shooting for all the major companies and websites, Twistys, Mac & Bumble, of course Playboy and the site that was the first glamour website on the internet and where these photos are taken from, Danni.com.

First of several posts for Veronika, a preview of the Veronika menu which is on it’s way on the main site. Enjoy one of the best and most beautiful models of all time, for over 8 years Veronika has been the highest earning glamour model of all time, until her partial retirement in 2008. She now works exclusively with ActionGirls.com and does new content for them only. You can see an example of that in an earlier post with her Ibiza video shot in 2010, part 2 to come later today.

See a lot more of Veronika Zemanova on her menu on my site, stroodles of free galleries – http://www.celebritiesrus.com/veronikazemanovamenu/index.htm.

This one is from one of her many shoots for danni.com.

Veronika Zemanova and Adele Stephens – Sexy Maids

The stunning Veronika Zemanova and Adele Stephens in a sizzling Twistys shoot, simply stunning. There is more of Veronika and Adele on Twistys website.


Busty Babes – Modelling Icon – Veronika Zemanova – Kinky Boots

Another danni.com shoot from Veronika Zemanova next with her in just a sexy pair of leather boots. What an amazing body Veronika has!

Modelling Icon – Veronika Zemanova – Jeans Part 2 (2010)

More of Veronika Zemanova’s Jeans shoot with Action Girls in 2010

Modelling Icon – Veronika Zemanova – Jeans Part 1 (2010)

Here is one of just 4 shoots that Veronika Zemanova did in 2010 with actiongirls.com for all her photosets and the full sets and also all her videos click the Action Girls link. It’s the only place to see new Veronika now, she has stopped working with anyone else.

Modelling Icon – Veronika Zemanova – Her First Danni.com Shoot

Not sure if this was the first shoot Veronika Zemanova did outside of her home country but it was certainly in her first year of global modelling. Born into poverty in The Czech Republic Veronika had a tough childhood but her beauty and hard work was to bring her worldwide fame of course. Here you can see why! A 20 or 21 year old Veronika blew the photographers and Dannii Ashe herself away and her shoots with danni.com were very regular as were live video shows