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Dannii Harwood – Playboy TV – Red Light Central – Glamour Icon

Dannii Harwood never fails to deliver in whatever modelling she is doing whether on TV on Playboy TV Chat or for her website or when she was modelling on Page 3.

Dannii Harwood was already a very successful model in the printed press and had a very successful website (Which she still runs) before joining the world of the Babe Channels. She took Bang Babes by storm when she joined and now is a very popular day time model as well as night time. I do sometimes wonder how hard it is for her to reign herself in during those day shows, she can get a tad naughty after all.

Dannii has always been very supportive of my site despite not knowing me at all, save for a few emails we really don’t know each other yet she always replies, always tries to help where she can. A lovely girl and a very good model Dannii’s popularity can only continue to rise as long as she remains interested in modelling. Which I for one hopes is the case for a very long time.

Dannii has her own menu on my site –¬†and her own site is [url=””]HERE[/url].

The videos will be added to on this post so keep it bookmarked.

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NEW – Dannii Harwood in “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

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Dannii Harwood in “Vienna”

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Tera Patrick – Total Beauty – Modelling Mega Star – Photos

Tera Patrick is one of the most famous models in the world and rightly so, she is simply one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Tera Patrick is also one of the best models I have ever seen being a great model as I’ve said before on this blog doesn’t automatically equate to just beauty. Being a great model is a talent, not every beautiful girl can model even if they want to. It’s hard work and just like the great sportsmen and women the one’s that make it look easy are the great ones.

Tera makes modelling look incredibly easy and I have never seen a bad photo of her. She recently told me on Twitter, during one of my Tera Patrick days, that I always tweet beautiful photos of her. That’s easy to do you just look for a photo of Tera and tweet it, there aren’t any bad ones.

Tera has been retired from porn for a long time now and there’s no way she’s coming back to it however she hasn’t retired from modelling altogether and last year I was close to persuading her over to the UK as Babestation were very interested in working with her. It didn’t quite come off but who knows for the future we may well see Tera over here and if not then she could still do some modelling for American companies. She’s still modelling for her website after all.

Enjoy the gallery of photos below and they are all available for download on my main site on the Tera Patrick menu. There are a lot more photos of her there as well so get over there. These photos are from the menu so on my main site the rest of the photos can be seen from each of these shoots.

You can of course get to know Tera a whole lot better by following her on Twitter. and you can join her amazing personal website at [url=”″]Tera’s Official Website[/url].

Justine Greiner – Playboy Playmates – Miss February 1984 – Photos

Justine Greiner is my favourite Playboy Playmate of all time she was Miss February 1984 and then was not seen again in Playboy or anywhere else it seems.

Justine Greiner was featured in the first Playboy I ever bought, I snuck into the house up my jumper to get it by my parents. I bought the issue because of the girl on the cover (Kimberley MacArthur) but when I saw Justine Greiner I was instantly in lust.

I don’t know why we never saw Justine again I guess she had achieved her dream of appearing as a Playboy centrefold but maybe that was enough and modelling wasn’t for her, maybe she met someone and got married and her life changed. I don’t know but what I do know is that she was sensational, her big natural boobs and gorgeous face make her one of the most beautiful Playboy have ever had in their magazine. I know they tried to persuade her back but wasn’t to be.

See more of Justine and every Playmate ever at Playboy Plus – Every Playmate Ever


You can see a gallery of Justine on my main site soon when I put together the Playboy Playmates menu, for now have a look round the main site.

Playboy Playmates – Busty Babes – Anna Nicole Smith – Playmate Of The Year Shoot

Here’s Anna Nicole Smith in her Playmate of the Year shoot from 1993

Playboy Playmate – Busty Babes – Anna Nicole Smith – Videos and Photos

One of the icons of the Playboy empire was the gorgeous but ultimately tragic Anna Nicole Smith, such an amazing figure and beautiful face her Playboy career started in 1992 when she was chosen by Hugh Hefner for the cover of the March issue. She was under the name Vickie Smith, her real name was Vickie Lynn Hogan but she never modelled under that name. She was named Playmate of the Year in 1993 which was closely followed by her being chosen to replace Claudia Schiffer as the Guess girl. Guess used her a lot taking advantage of her resemblance to Jayne Mansfield in a series of Jayne inspired shoots.

She made movie appearances in Naked Gun 3 and the Hudsucker Proxy and Skyscraper

And To The Limit

She died of an overdose in 2007

Playboy Playmates – Barbi Twins – Busty Babes

Next we have the busty twins with the superb name of The Barbi Twins, this is their Playboy shoot from the 90’s for a time they took over American modelling and what bodies they had! Here they are in all their glory

To see more Playboy Busty Babes – Click Here to visit their site – [url=””]Playboy’s Busty Babes[/url]

Every Playmate Ever including The Barbi Twins – [url=””]Playboy Cyber Club[/url]

Playboy Playmates – Kerri Kendall – Miss September 1990

Another of the long list of stunners brought to us originally by Playboy, unlike my other big favourite Justine Greiner who turned her back on modelling, Kerri went on to a long career in modelling before finally calling it a day. Kerri first came to our attention in the September 1990 edition, made famous for the appearance on the cover and inside of Rosanna Arquette. (Rosanne didn’t appear in the UK edition because of an agreement she made with husband Peter Gabriel) though the issue is now available on backorder in the UK.
But the lack of Rosanna in the UK edition hardly seemed to matter when the reader opened up the centrefold and saw Kerri!