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Dannii Harwood – Playboy TV – Red Light Central – Glamour Icon

Dannii Harwood never fails to deliver in whatever modelling she is doing whether on TV on Playboy TV Chat or for her website or when she was modelling on Page 3.

Dannii Harwood was already a very successful model in the printed press and had a very successful website (Which she still runs) before joining the world of the Babe Channels. She took Bang Babes by storm when she joined and now is a very popular day time model as well as night time. I do sometimes wonder how hard it is for her to reign herself in during those day shows, she can get a tad naughty after all.

Dannii has always been very supportive of my site despite not knowing me at all, save for a few emails we really don’t know each other yet she always replies, always tries to help where she can. A lovely girl and a very good model Dannii’s popularity can only continue to rise as long as she remains interested in modelling. Which I for one hopes is the case for a very long time.

Dannii has her own menu on my site – and her own site is [url=””]HERE[/url].

The videos will be added to on this post so keep it bookmarked.

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NEW – Dannii Harwood in “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

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Dannii Harwood in “Vienna”

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Levi – Red Light Central TV/Playboy TV Chat – Story – Video

Levi is one of the Babe Channels most popular and most experienced of models, she’s a veteran of Babestation TV among others and is now a regular on day time and nights on Red Light Central/Playboy TV Chat.

Levi of course is some who has stunningly big boobs and she really passes up a chance to show them off, which is fine by us, but there’s more to her than big boobs. She is just as comfortable with the friendly teasing chat of the daytime shows and the dirtier chat of the night shows.

She was on Babestation during the back end of the presenting days and you can tell when they give Levi a mic now she’s just as happy as she is with a telephone. You can follow her on Twitter as well and I highly recommend you do.

You will soon be able to see her on my site as well.

Here’s a video of her during one of her recent appearances on Playboy TV Chat.

Levi - Red Light Central/Playboy TV Chat - The Story

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Hall of Fame – Red Light Central – Photos & Videos

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is one of the legends of UK modelling both glamour and adult modelling have benefitted from Linsey being involved and now the Babe Channels are enjoying what she brings.

Linsey Dawn famously started topless modelling at just 16 with The Daily Sport, back in the days when this was legal, there was a famous countdown to her 16th birthday in the newspaper before the big unveiling. Ever since that moment she has been a phenomenon and her popularity has never stopped growing.

From her early days with The Sport including the dancing nights they put on at The Circus Tavern with stars like Sammy Jessop, Charmaine Sinclair and many more to her days on The Babe Channels Linsey has never disappointed. She has even done some porn films which are some of the most searched for videos on the internet. Back to glamour only now Linsey is wowing the viewers of Red Light Central with her amazing looks and modelling talent.

Linsey is of course in the Hall of Fame which is really all about the Babe Channels but Linsey qualifies for any Hall of Fame whether it is for the Babe Channels or general glamour modelling. An absolute star.

You can see more of Linsey on here own personal website –

Also you will be able to see Linsey on my site soon.

The videos below the slideshow will be added to regularly so please keep this post bookmarked to keep in touch with the updates.

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NEW – Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Anyone”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Troy”

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Come Back To What You Know

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “One and Only”

(Don’t worry it’s not the Chesney Hawkes version, no need to mute).

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie in “Beautiful Day”

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French Chloe – Hall of Fame – Bluebird TV – Photos & Video

French Chloe was an obvious choice for the Hall of Fame from her days on Babecast to the present day she always looks so naturally beautiful.

French Chloe is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and is another who already had a successful modelling career on the go before appearing on Babecast where she first made her name. A natural beauty with a smile that can stop traffic and that wonderful french accent she was an instant favourite. Listening to her say the word “anonymous” in the day of the texts to the show was an absolute delight. Another Babecast presenter who was just as comfortable with the mic in her hand as she was with the phone.

I have been lucky enough to meet Chloe once or twice and I can honestly say that as well as being one of the most naturally beautiful women I have ever met she is such a lovely person. In an industry where loyalty seems at a premium and people seem to fall out with each other on a whim, Chloe is set apart with a few others. Chloe is someone who will stand by her friends, help them whenever possible something that is clear enough to see when you see how people she works with or has ever worked with reacts to her.

Such a stunning lady and as the saying goes – And Then She Smiles! WOW!

You can see a lot more of Chloe at her official website –

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French Chloe in “Paris Match”

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DOWNLOAD LINK – [url=”″]Download Here[/url]

Keisha Kane – Red Light Central – Comeback Babe – Photos & Videos

Keisha Kane is one of the most popular Babe Channel model ever and she’s been away for a long time but she’s back looking as amazing as ever on Red Light Central.

Keisha Kane burst onto the scene of the babe channels a few years ago and did some naughtier stuff as well, she was a perfect fit for the Babe Channels because she looks amazingly sexy and glamorous but she can be dirty on the phones (So I’m told).

Keisha’s second appearance of her comeback on Red Light Central was as a brunette and it’s safe to say her 2nd show went down as well if not better than her first. Keisha is back guys.

You can follow Keisha on Twitter – She also has an official Facebook page.

You will soon be able to see Keisha on my site –

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Keisha Kane in “Chasing Cars”.

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Keisha Kane in “Talk Tonight”.

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Download Here – [url=”″]FREE DOWNLOAD LINK[/url].

Dionne Mendez – BBTV – Babecast – SheBang TV – Photos & Videos

Dionne Mendez is of course one of the greatest Babe Channel models of all time, starting out on the sadly missed Babecast channel and now wowing everyone on Bluebird.

Dionne Mendez is of course in the Hall of Fame and it’s hard to put in to words what she means to anyone who comes into contact with her. From my own perspective I was a huge fan on first sight, which for me wasn’t Babecast, because like pretty much all of the Babecast’s original line up Dionne was already at the top as a model. This was in the days where Babecast were part owned by Cellcast and The Sport and the idea was to launch the channel with recognised famous and popular Page 3 Girls! That meant Dionne Mendez, Vikki T, Teresa May, Emily Dean and Louise Hodges as well as one or two others, not sure any were particularly keen but Dionne was dead set against the idea.

But as we know now she gave it a go and the rest is as they say is history. Dionne’s natural humour and talent with the microphone and her sense of humour fit perfect for Babecast and her fellow presenters and Dionne were a perfect fit. As I said Dionne Mendez was already a favourite of mine from her printed page modelling and to see her on Babecast was great. Especially the private babe shows when she would do the last hour on her own, all unscripted of course with texts to read and she was a natural, those last hours were so entertaining.

Of course through it all was her incredible beauty but I think it’s a shame that her newer fans can’t see that other side to her now, as her beauty only grows so does her personality and that is pretty much hidden except of course for her lucky callers who get more from Dionne than they do from most. She talks to them, listens to them, sure she’ll get them to where they want to go but she’ll give them an experience as well. She’ll ask about them, talk to them, she’ll work with the cameraman, making sure at all times that the cameraman is listening to her call so he (or she) knows where he needs to move the camera next.

Those who know Dionne Mendez love her, she is generous, loyal, giving, loving, tough when she has to be, but it’s not just her friends she gives to , Dionne gives more back to her fans than most, those who call get something that bit extra. Never has there been a person more deserving of success as Dionne, if only her fans knew what she goes through (The travel alone) to give them a great time, but she delivers every time she’s on Red Light Central.

Follow Dionne on Twitter at –

You can also see a lot more and I mean a lot of more of Dionne now on the Babestation website on Babestation X Live. [url=”″]Babestation TV’s Official Website[/url] and on Amanda Randell’s brilliant website She Bang TV where you can see Dionne in front of the camera and enjoy her work behind the camera as well as she produces and directs now and works the camera. [url=””][/url].

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NEW – Dionne Mendez in “Be”

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Dionne Mendez in “Love Is A Battlefield”

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Lucy Zara – Red Light Central – Linger – Sexy Video

Lucy Zara is one of the most popular models on the channels and was already an established glamour model with a very successful personal website before joining the world of the Babe Channels.

Lucy Zara has been a favourite on Red Light Central/Playboy Chat TV for a good while now after the channel took over from Bang Babes where she was also one of their most popular models. Often appearing on screen with her close friend Dannii Harwood she never fails to sizzle, whether with Dannii or on her own Lucy Zara always delivers.

You can follow Lucy on Twitter – and see a lot more of her on her own website –

Lucy Zara - Red Light Central - Linger

The Videos

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Beautiful Day

Linsey Dawn McKenzie, one of the most popular models Britain has ever produced has of course been on the Babe Channels for a while now. Here’s she is on Red Light Central, she’s now been re-signed by Babestation of course.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie is a massive superstar of UK Glamour modelling since she launched herself onto the scene with The Sunday Sport’s famous countdown to her first topless shoot. She was an instant hit and success has basically been hers ever since. Easy to see why of course, here she is in an appearence on Red Light Central and as you can see she looks amazing.

You can follow Linsey Dawn McKenzie on Twitter –

Linsey Dawn McKenzie - Beautiful Day

The Video

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