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Alexis Texas – America – Studio 66 TV – Modelling Legend

Alexis Texas shows why she’s one of the most popular models in the world with one of her appearances on Studio 66 TV.

Alexis Texas is one of the world’s most popular porn stars and glamour models Alexis is a regular at Studio 66 TV (Formerly Elite TV). Quite simply she is a sensational model with on of the most famous derrierres in modelling. She’s on Twitter and is fun to follow – , better yet she has one of Twitter’s famous blue ticks. We KNOW it’s Alexis tweeting us.

I can also recommed you check out her stuff at Twistys – [url=””][/url]
And you can see her on my site –

Alexis Texas - America

The Video

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Alice Goodwin – Hall of Fame – Total Beauty – Photos & Videos

Alice Goodwin is the ultimate glamour girl in my opinion. A model who is just as wonderful in print as she is on TV, if Alice had been born into an earlier era when “Page 3 Girl” was the top glamour title in the UK and were known around the world then Alice would have been at the very top

Alice Goodwin then started appearing on Elite TV (As it was then) Daytimes to start with and in true glamour girl style Alice teased us with the odd hour between 9-10PM where she hinted at topless. For a long time though the only place to see Alice topless was Zoo magazine, but as time went on Alice would do more of these tease hours until eventually she started appearing on nights. Once those amazing boobs were unleashed on the night show babe channel audience all hell broke loose.

One thing I always noticed though about Alice’s night shows was that despite the fact that she was undoubtedly doing phone sex, you pretty much have to on the late shows, she never ever forgot she had TV audience as well. Never pulling contorted dirty faces she gave the caller what he wanted, sometimes she, without ever losing the glamour girl looks on screen.

Alice Goodwin oozes class in whatever modelling she is doing, modelling isn’t easy not every gorgeous girl (or handsome man for that matter) can do it, Alice does it SO well. She is pure beauty, her face and body are perfect and even though I am not lucky enough to know her at all I, like her followers on Twitter, can tell she tops her looks off by being a lovely down to earth lady. You can tell by the way her fellow models interact with her that they love her.

Alice Goodwin, a shoe in for the Hall of Fame and a true glamour model. Total Beauty! Follow Alice Goodwin on Twitter –

Studio 66 TV’s Official Website featuring Alice photos and her personal video blogs.

and at my main site –

Thanks as always to Studio 66 TV for allowing the photos to be used. They are always so supportive.

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The Videos (They will need to pre-load).

NEW – Alice Goodwin in “All I Wanna Do”

Alice Goodwin in “Imagine”

Alice Goodwin in “Unattainable”

Alice Goodwin in “Hands On Me”

Alice Goodwin – Sophia Knight – Charlie O’Neal – in “Threesome”

Alice Goodwin in “I Am The Resurrection”

Alice Goodwin in “Living Next Door To Alice”

Alice Goodwin in “The Model”

Alice Goodwin in “Trapped”

Alice Goodwin in “Police Girl”

Alice Goodwin in “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

Alice Goodwin in “Dream Catch Me” includes some wardrobe malfunctions

Alice Goodwin in “Sizzling”

Alice Goodwin in “Bikini”

Alice Goodwin in “Fade Out”

Cara Steel – Studio 66 TV – Total Beauty – Talk Tonight – Video

Cara Steel has been wowing the Babe Channel fans with her amazing eyes and smile and dare I say (cough) cleavage for a while now on BBTV until that channel closed. Jamie from Studio 66 TV swooped quicker than a cobra to snap Cara up for his day time shows.

Cara Steel really does have it all, absolute beauty, an amazing talented model and those who follow her on Twitter you will know that she is a down to earth funny and friendly girl as well. Cara is a perfect fit on Studio 66 TV in my opinion it’s no secret to people who read this blog that I think Studio 66 TV consistently is the home of Glamour and Cara fits right in.

You will be able to see Cara on my site very soon on the Studio 66 TV menu

Cara Steel - Studio 66 TV - Total Beauty - Talk Tonight

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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Dionne Daniels – Studio 66 TV – Absolute Beauty – Photos & Videos

Dionne Daniels is without doubt one of Studio 66 TV’s most popular of all time, a rare thing in the Babe Channels is a one channel girl and Dionne was that.

Dionne Daniels has now left Studio 66 TV and whether she has retired from the channels forever or not isn’t known, what is known is that her fans are already missing her. Dionne was always one of those models who was almost like the old school Page 3 Girls in that she was difficult for fans to interact with outside of the channel.

She was never into the Social Media world, she had a few fake profiles out there with people pretending to be her but she never had a Twitter account. If she had Facebook then it would have been a personal account she never had a Facebook account for her modelling persona of Dionne Daniels.

Dionne is without doubt one of the most naturally beautiful girls in the industry and it’s not hard to see why she became such a firm favourite. The “Champagne Supernova” video is taken from her last ever show on Studio 66 TV. I say ever because as it stands there are no signs that she’ll be back, either on Studio 66 TV or elsewhere, but who knows?

You can see more of Dionne Daniels at these websites , including her own personal website.

Dionne’s Personal Website.

Studio 66 TV’s Website.

Also you will soon be able to see on my site with her own menu –

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Dionne Daniels in “Champagne Supernova”

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Dionne Daniels in “Shower Time”

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Katie K – Studio 66 TV – Glamour/Adult Star – Video

Katie K is a relative newcomer to the Babe Channel scene but certainly not to the world of modelling, whether glamour or adult modelling Katie K is at the very top. Now it’s time to conquer the Babe Channel scene.

Katie K is one of the hardest working models in the industry and never fails to deliver, she’s also one of the most fun to follow on Twitter, it’s safe to say that no one can ever predict her next career move. Except of course that it will be successful and HOT. Here is a video from one of her Studio 66 TV appearences and as usual she sizzles on screen, the song is one of the best songs about growing up as a teen and was written and released before Katie was born, long before.

It sums up perfectly the friction teens have with their parents while growing up and I suspect Katie K is the cause of a good few arguments between sons and parents over DVD’s or magazine’s hidden in their rooms! Come on guys, you know we all did it.

See more of Katie K here.

[url=””]Katie K’s official website[/url].
[url=””]Twistys – The World’s Top Models All In One Place[/url].
[url=””]Studio 66 TV[/url].

And on my site on the Twistys Menu and soon on the Studio 66 TV Menu –

Katie K - Studio 66 TV - At The Edge

The Video

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Tiffany Chambers – Hall Of Fame – Babestation Queen – Pics and Videos

Tiffany Chambers, now where do I start with this lady, clearly she was always a shoe in for the Hall of Fame, that was never in question.

Tiffany Chambers is absolutely beautiful, pure glamour and as this video shows she has an electric smile. Absolutely stunning and then as the song says “And then she smiles”.

As you can see the cliché “her smile can stop traffic” has never been more true than it is of Tiffany Chambers. Her work on Babestation is legendary of course, an instant hit after her first week on the show she quickly became a phenomenon and her popularity has never stopped soaring since.

Of course there’s a lot more to modelling, and being on the Babe Channels especially, than just beauty and Tiffany Chambers is one of the best ever. Whether on Babestation or on photo shoots her work is exemplary every photo you look at is breath-taking and whatever form of modelling Tiffany chose she was going to be a huge hit.

Thankfully she chose Babestation which means we see her on TV and not just magazines and we get to see something of her amazing personality. As I always says it’s a shame presenting is a thing of the past because Tiffany would be a huge star at that as well. But we can follow her on Twitter now so we get to know a little more about her.

Follow Tiffany on Twitter –

So good we just know her by one name Tiffany of course is in the Hall of Fame. Here’s some reasons why.

You can see Tiffany on my main site on the Babestation Menu –

Also of course you can see her on her new official site. Tiffany’s New Official Website.

Of course you can also find Tiffany on the Babestation website. Babestation Website.

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NEW – Tiffany Chambers in “Nothing Compares 2 U”

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NEW – Tiffany Chambers in “London Calling”

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Tiffany Chambers in “Brilliant Disguise”

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Tiffany Chambers in “And Then She Smiles”

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Tiffany Chambers in “Tiffany Tuesday”

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Sammi Tye – Studio 66 TV – Twistys – Sexy Blonde – Photos & Videos

Sammi Tye has been causing a stir in the modelling industry for a good while and now she’s on Studio 66 regularly her popularity is rising.

Sammi Tye Studio 66 TV’s blonde bombshell with a real naughty streak as she proves regularly at Twistys is a glamour and adult model with a perfect 5’7″ 32C figure who can regularly be seen topless on Studio 66 and fully naked on the Studio 66 TV webcam service. Sammi also drives her fans crazy with desire on Adult Work at http://www.adultwork/sammitye.

Sammi has a few photosets and a video out on the Twistys website and one glance at the comments the members have left will tell you they will be using her a lot. Twistys only shoot with the best so it’s no surprise they hunted Sammi down.

With a special thanks to Studio 66 TV and Twistys I present you with some photos and a video, more videos will be added to this post so keep it bookmarked.

You can see more of Sammi here.

[url=”″]Studio 66 TV’s Official Website[/url].

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Sammi Tye in “Smooth Operator”

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Kimberley J – Studio 66 TV Debut – Call Me

Kimberley J made her debut the other day on Studio 66 TV and she was a great success, she however as we know now ended up a permanent fixture on Babestation TV.

Kimberley J is new to the babe shows but not new to modelling and you can follow her on Twitter – As you can see she looks pretty damn good in latex. An amazing debut and here she is with a soundtrack by Blondie.

Looking this good in latex, maybe I need to introduce her to Lilly Roma for

Kimberley J - Call Me - Studio 66 TV

The Video

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Download Here – [url=”″]Download Here[/url]

Eva Rose – Studio 66 TV – Heaven Can Wait

Eva Rose for you now and from the first day she appeared on Studio 66 TV she caused a storm, their Twitter feed went crazy on her first show.

Eva Rose is one of the most exciting models to come onto the scene in a long time. The sister of the massively popular Holly James, you can follow her on Twitter at

Eva has now left the Babe Channel scene, if this is forever I don’t know yet, but she’s still modelling and the future is very bright for this amazing girl.

You will hopefully be able to see Eva soon on my site but for now have a look round the main site. .

Eva Rose Heaven Can Wait

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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Download Here – [url=”″]Download Here[/url]

Jennifer Jade – Studio 66 TV – Blonde Bombshell – Ray of Light – Video

Jennifer Jade has caused quite a stir since her debut on Studio 66 TV a real blonde bombshell and another who was already a successful glamour model before joining the channel.

Jennifer Jade really is a stunning girl with a smile that lights up the screen and a body to die for, her 32DD boobs are a constant distraction of course but her beauty is down to more than just lovely boobs. Here she shows exactly what I mean with a video I made from one of her recent shows on Studio 66 TV.

Her tag line on the Studio 66 TV website is that Jennifer wants to “Conquer the world” there’s no doubt she’s off to a cracking start.

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter. I also hope to be able to add Jennifer to my main site soon as well and add her to the Studio 66 TV menu.

Jennifer Jade - Studio 66 TV - Blonde Bombshell

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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Download Here – DOWNLOAD LINK