Lilly Roma – Hall of Fame – Studio 66 TV – Photos & Videos

Lilly Roma is the definition of perfection, I first noticed her when she was on a channel called “Hotel Voyeur” and I have to confess I text Alex Adams and asked who she was as soon as I saw her.

Lilly Roma is an absolute beauty who later moved to Sex Station, then to Bang Babes then back with Babestation (may have got the sequence wrong) and of course now is with Studio 66 TV but whatever channel Lilly is on she brings a quality of just pure glamour to the screen. Lilly doesn’t make contorted facial expressions she will give the caller exactly what he’s paying for but she never forgets that she also has viewers and she just oozes sexiness.

Now I am not lucky enough to know Lilly personally, I do hope to meet her someday, but those of my friends who do know Lilly love her so much and say she is the nicest most genuine person they know. My experience of Lilly is no different, despite not knowing me at all at first she supported the idea of my website and offered photos to me so I could add her. Later we had a few late night Twitter sessions with Alex taking photos of the food we were eating at 2AM. Lilly is as sweet a person as she is gorgeous and fully deserves any and all success she gets.

Lilly then wowed us all on Studio 66 TV for a good while until she left the channels to concentrate on her two websites:

1. Latexotica.com – Latexotica which features Lilly and some of the most popular Babe Channel babes in and out of Latex.

2. Her own personal website – Lilly’s Official Website

Lilly has her own Only Fans page where you can get even closer to her, there will be photos and videos there you won’t see anywhere else – Lilly’s Only Fans Page.

Lilly is very active on Twitter and on Instagram.

Ok then, the photos you can see in the slideshow below under them you will see all the videos there will be more to follow so bookmark this page. The videos will need to pre-load and if you are struggling to stream them or just want to keep them they can be downloaded on my Forum. The link will appear at the end of this post under all the videos.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Lilly Roma – Racing In The Streets

NEW – Lilly Roma – Find The River

NEW – Lilly Roma – Walkaway

Lilly Roma in “Spirit of the Night

Lilly Roma in “Don’t Stop”

Lilly Roma in “All By Myself”

Lilly Roma in “First Time Ever”

Lilly Roma in “Someone Like You”

Lilly Roma in “You’re Beautiful”

Lilly Roma in “Atomic”

Lilly Roma in “Thank You Girl”

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