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Alexis Texas – America – Studio 66 TV – Modelling Legend

Alexis Texas shows why she’s one of the most popular models in the world with one of her appearances on Studio 66 TV.

Alexis Texas is one of the world’s most popular porn stars and glamour models Alexis is a regular at Studio 66 TV (Formerly Elite TV). Quite simply she is a sensational model with on of the most famous derrierres in modelling. She’s on Twitter and is fun to follow – , better yet she has one of Twitter’s famous blue ticks. We KNOW it’s Alexis tweeting us.

I can also recommed you check out her stuff at Twistys – [url=””][/url]
And you can see her on my site –

Alexis Texas - America

The Video

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Brookie Little – Babestation TV – Hypnotising Eyes – Photos & Videos

Brookie Little has been modelling for quite some time now and had a successful website before making the move to the babe channels, the site was an official one but Brookie had a parting of the ways with them so it is no longer official.

Brookie Little is a stunning model , a body to die for and amazing eyes, at times her eyes remind me of Meg Ryan’s in “When Harry Met Sally”, she is absolutely gorgeous. Her big natural boobs and sexy smile got her a large following on Babestation very quickly and her popularity just grows and grows. You can follow her on Twitter here –

On the TV of course Brookie can only do topless but members of the Babestation website can often see a lot more of her than that as she does stronger shows on BSX Live and also on Babestation Cams. Also Brookie works with Twistys regularly where she shows more in photos and videos than she can on Babestation TV. Enjoy the photos below and the videos and keep the page bookmarked as it will be updated.

You can see a lot more of Brookie Little here.

Babestation TV’s Official Website.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Brookie Little in “Teenage Spirit”

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NEW – Brookie Little in “If I Should Fall Behind”

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NEW – Brookie Little in “Don’t Talk”

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Babestation TV Archives – Memories From Early Years

Babestation TV was the original Babe Channel and is now into it’s eleventh year the early days were very different to what we see now with the presenters sharing time reading viewers texts and talking to callers.

Babestation TV has given viewers a lot of memories over the years and what is missing now is the presenting and the fun that often brought, like the time Jessie was messing around wearing a wig and it flew off right across the studio live on air. Also the time Hazel Bond when trying to advertise for callers read out her mum’s phone number instead of the Babestation one.

Then there was “Private Babe” , in the early days the show was only 9pm until 2am but then there was an hour where one presenter stayed and did her own thing. Babestation was joined later by Babecast and they both did “Private Babe” , Dani O’Neal on Babestation used to show all and did her famous “bum trick” which would probably make the people at Ofcom have heart failure if anyone did that now. Safe to say Ofcom’s gaze wasn’t on the Babe Channels in those days like they are now. On Babecast Dionne Mendez would often do the private babe hour by doing quizzes about herself, people would have to text the answers in and if they were right she would get her boobs out and would also send them a signed photo.

This post will feature clips I have from those times, if the quality isn’t great then I apologise but these were recorded in the VHS days. The photo slideshow features some of the presenters who have been and gone on the channel which includes those from the sister channel Babe Cast.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Nikki Lord – Sexy Dance

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Babestation Archive Dani O’Neal & Charlene Hart

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Babestation intro – This is how the channel often started out at 9PM every night

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More videos will be added soon.

Alice Goodwin – Hall of Fame – Total Beauty – Photos & Videos

Alice Goodwin is the ultimate glamour girl in my opinion. A model who is just as wonderful in print as she is on TV, if Alice had been born into an earlier era when “Page 3 Girl” was the top glamour title in the UK and were known around the world then Alice would have been at the very top

Alice Goodwin then started appearing on Elite TV (As it was then) Daytimes to start with and in true glamour girl style Alice teased us with the odd hour between 9-10PM where she hinted at topless. For a long time though the only place to see Alice topless was Zoo magazine, but as time went on Alice would do more of these tease hours until eventually she started appearing on nights. Once those amazing boobs were unleashed on the night show babe channel audience all hell broke loose.

One thing I always noticed though about Alice’s night shows was that despite the fact that she was undoubtedly doing phone sex, you pretty much have to on the late shows, she never ever forgot she had TV audience as well. Never pulling contorted dirty faces she gave the caller what he wanted, sometimes she, without ever losing the glamour girl looks on screen.

Alice Goodwin oozes class in whatever modelling she is doing, modelling isn’t easy not every gorgeous girl (or handsome man for that matter) can do it, Alice does it SO well. She is pure beauty, her face and body are perfect and even though I am not lucky enough to know her at all I, like her followers on Twitter, can tell she tops her looks off by being a lovely down to earth lady. You can tell by the way her fellow models interact with her that they love her.

Alice Goodwin, a shoe in for the Hall of Fame and a true glamour model. Total Beauty! Follow Alice Goodwin on Twitter –

Studio 66 TV’s Official Website featuring Alice photos and her personal video blogs.

and at my main site –

Thanks as always to Studio 66 TV for allowing the photos to be used. They are always so supportive.

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The Videos (They will need to pre-load).

NEW – Alice Goodwin in “All I Wanna Do”

Alice Goodwin in “Imagine”

Alice Goodwin in “Unattainable”

Alice Goodwin in “Hands On Me”

Alice Goodwin – Sophia Knight – Charlie O’Neal – in “Threesome”

Alice Goodwin in “I Am The Resurrection”

Alice Goodwin in “Living Next Door To Alice”

Alice Goodwin in “The Model”

Alice Goodwin in “Trapped”

Alice Goodwin in “Police Girl”

Alice Goodwin in “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

Alice Goodwin in “Dream Catch Me” includes some wardrobe malfunctions

Alice Goodwin in “Sizzling”

Alice Goodwin in “Bikini”

Alice Goodwin in “Fade Out”

Candy Charms – Red Light Central – Candy’s Room – Video

Candy Charms is a star of Red Light Central on the day shows and the night shows and she is getting herself quite a following with the Babe Channel viewers.

Candy Charms tempted and teased the viewers of Playboy TV Chat and Red Light Central for a while by just doing the day shows and sometimes the naughtier but still clothed first hour of the night show. She kept most of those amazing boobs under cover for a good while, eventually though they were let loose on the night show.

Candy can be followed on Twitter .

Candy Charms - Red Light Central - Candy's Room

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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Cara Steel – Studio 66 TV – Total Beauty – Talk Tonight – Video

Cara Steel has been wowing the Babe Channel fans with her amazing eyes and smile and dare I say (cough) cleavage for a while now on BBTV until that channel closed. Jamie from Studio 66 TV swooped quicker than a cobra to snap Cara up for his day time shows.

Cara Steel really does have it all, absolute beauty, an amazing talented model and those who follow her on Twitter you will know that she is a down to earth funny and friendly girl as well. Cara is a perfect fit on Studio 66 TV in my opinion it’s no secret to people who read this blog that I think Studio 66 TV consistently is the home of Glamour and Cara fits right in.

You will be able to see Cara on my site very soon on the Studio 66 TV menu

Cara Steel - Studio 66 TV - Total Beauty - Talk Tonight

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

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Charlene Hart – Red Light Central & Babestation Icon – Photos & Videos

Charlene Hart is a true Babe Channel legend with two spells on Babestation nights, a few years apart, a spell in between just doing day shows as “Cherri” after a sabbatical. She then burst onto the now closed BBTV and of course Red Light Central have now snapped her up.

It’s really not hard to see why Charlene Hart has become such a firm favourite, her beauty is obvious of course but also she just never stops working onscreen, while some models will just lie in the same position Charlene never stops working. Her first spell on Babestation TV was in the days before we had so many channel choices and she took the place by storm, such a cute innocent looking girl. I emphasise “looking” because there was nothing innocent about our Charlene, in just a few months she became a phenomenon. I didn’t know her then but I knew some of her colleagues and they loved her, the videos below includes one from those early times and it just sums her up.

Now of course she’s a veteran with a legion of loyal fans and she never disappoints and she’s done far more than just the channels, she was one of the first models to utilise a Forum on her website and more importantly she used it properly by being online almost every day. Her original website was a great site and she quickly realised that the internet was a god send to a model if used properly. It’s no surprise that she is one of the best models at using Twitter & Facebook. Follow her on Twitter here –

Enjoy the photos below which are a summary of her amazing career, the videos will often be updated so keep coming back to this post, everything Charlene related will be on this page.

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The Videos (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Charlene Hart in “Always On My Mind”

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NEW – Charlene Hart in “Wait and See”

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Charlene Hart in “Born To Run”

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Charlene Hart in “All That Heaven Will Allow”

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Charlene Hart wants the Microphone

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DOWNLOAD ALL THESE VIDEOS HERE – [url=”″]Download Link[/url]

Danni Levy – Babestation TV – Busty Babe – Stop Whispering – Video

Danni Levy has burst onto the Babestation TV scene recently and what an impact she has had, has she got the biggest boobs on Babestation? I think she probably has.

Danni Levy never looks anything other than sensational, we just need more photo shoots of her on the Babestation TV website as there aren’t any photos of her on there but there are some amazing videos. You can follow Danni on Twitter as well.

I hope to be able to add Danni to my main site soon, for now check out the hot Babestation TV menu on my site.

Danni Levy - Babestation TV - Busty Babe - Stop Whispering

The Video (Will need to pre-load)

Danni Levy in “Stop Whispering”

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Charmaine Sinclair – BBTV – Modelling Legend – Lovely Day

Charmaine Sinclair is one of our greatest models, a career which started in the 80’s she’s done it all and more importantly she’s done it very well.

Charmaine Sinclair is a hall of famer whether it be the Babe Channel hall of fame which mine started out as or whether you include all modelling Charmaine qualifies. She’s often described as one of our best Page 3 Girls but actually Charmaine was never technically a Page 3 Girl as she wasn’t contracted with The Sun or The Star. However I class her as a Page 3 Girl because she is one of our best topless models in an era when Page 3 was the pinnacle of modelling.

Charmaine has done adult modelling of course as well including boy/girl porn which she stopped doing fairly quickly, throughout all the years one thing hasn’t changed about Charmaine. That being she has always been at the very top of the modelling profession.

When Charmaine made the decision to join the world of the Babe Channels it was no surprise that she became one of the most popular, starting off on the day shows it wasn’t long before those amazing boobs were released to the world again.

Charmaine Sinclair Hall of Fame beauty. You can follow Charmaine on Twitter at

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The Video (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Charmaine Sinclair in “Lovely Day”

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Ree Petra – Bluebird TV – Babe Channel Legend – Photos & Videos

Ree Petra is another of the nations all time favourite Babe Channel models and it’s high time she made an appearance on my blog. She’s is one of the sexiest women alive and well it’s hard not to mention those boobs isn’t it?

Ree Petra has appeared on a few of our Babe Channels as well as having a successful glamour and adult career of the TV screens, she never fails to excite her fans on TV and with the body she has and that smile, it’s easy to see why.

Ree is one of the Babe Channel models who still finds time to model elsewhere as well and she has recently done some really sexy shoots with Lilly Roma ( for Lilly’s amazing new site She has done glamour and adult shoots and she never looks anything other than sensational. The slideshow features a collection of her Babestation TV shoots and the videos are from her Bluebird TV appearances and there will be more to come so keep this blog page bookmarked.

There are some amazing photo shoots and videos of Ree on the Babestation site. [url=”″]Babestation TV[/url]

You will be able to see her on my site very soon – .

You can also follow her on Twitter and I strongly advise you do. .

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The Video (Will need to pre-load)

NEW – Ree Petra in “Somewhere In My Heart”

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Ree Petra in “If Love Could Kill”

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