Charlene Hart – Red Light Central & Babestation Icon – Photos & Videos

Charlene Hart is a true Babe Channel legend with two spells on Babestation nights, a few years apart, a spell in between just doing day shows as “Cherri” after a sabbatical. She then burst onto the now closed BBTV and of course Red Light Central have now snapped her up.

It’s really not hard to see why Charlene Hart has become such a firm favourite, her beauty is obvious of course but also she just never stops working onscreen, while some models will just lie in the same position Charlene never stops working. Her first spell on Babestation TV was in the days before we had so many channel choices and she took the place by storm, such a cute innocent looking girl. I emphasise “looking” because there was nothing innocent about our Charlene, in just a few months she became a phenomenon. I didn’t know her then but I knew some of her colleagues and they loved her, the videos below includes one from those early times and it just sums her up.

Now of course she’s a veteran with a legion of loyal fans and she never disappoints and she’s done far more than just the channels, she was one of the first models to utilise a Forum on her website and more importantly she used it properly by being online almost every day. Her original website was a great site and she quickly realised that the internet was a god send to a model if used properly. It’s no surprise that she is one of the best models at using Twitter and Facebook. Follow her on Twitter here –

Enjoy the photos below which are a summary of her amazing career, the videos will often be updated so keep coming back to this post, everything Charlene related will be on this page.

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NEW – Charlene Hart in “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

Charlene Hart in “Always On My Mind”

Charlene Hart in “Wait and See”

Charlene Hart in “Born To Run”

Charlene Hart in “All That Heaven Will Allow”

Charlene Hart wants the Microphone


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