Modelling – The Danger of OnlyFans and Other Fan Only Content

Ok well I will start by saying this post is purely my opinion but I do believe it’s something that should be considered by any model using OnlyFans, or any other Subscriber only portal.

As you most of you will know I am not in the modelling industry , just on the periphery really but I am very experienced at promotion and marketing coming from my retail experience. Promotion is really all about the same skills and techniques whatever you are promoting, whether it’s M&S promoting a new clothing range or Babestation TV promoting a new photo set or model.

Now don’t get me wrong I am all for the whole idea of OnlyFans, I would never be stupid enough to say models shouldn’t use it to boost their income but where I see the danger is when I see on Twitter models saying “The ONLY place to see topless is OnlyFans or some other fan only portal” because quite frankly it’s short sighted.

Take my retail example of M & S , up to the online retail revolution Marks and Spencer were THE name in retailing but as their customers got older and younger new customers started using online M & S fell away. They are now no where close to what they were and the company I worked for so long HMV almost went out of business because they also didn’t replace older customers with new ones.

Modelling is just the same, your fans now will make you money on your member only portals but they get older and their lives change and either their interest in modelling and models will fade or more likely their opportunities to follow and pay for content will go as they marry get a family and move on. The danger of only being seen on OnlyFans or Webcam or ManyVids whatever is your choice is newer younger fans may not see you and your fan base drops away.

Also as the World changes models chances of making money and being seen in other media is dropping away, no more Darts walk on girls, F1 Grid Girls are gone, Boxing will almost certainly follow suit in the new year or two or sooner as pressure from the outside world grows. Newspapers are showing fewer and fewer glamour models , no more Page 3 in The Sun and who knows how long The Star can keep their Page 3 going. All this means the Internet (and the TV Channels) really are the only places a model can make her money. it’s more essential now than it ever has to keep newer fans interested so you don’t slowly lose your fan base and make your money quick enough to retire when you want. Twitter is perfect for this, but tweets saying you can only see me on OnlyFans really is a dangerous thing long term. Send out the odd topless pic on Twitter show new potential fans what they can see. This is more important for those models who don’t appear on TV anymore of course, for those still on the channels its not an issue.

It’s absolutely essential for any business selling anything that they keep adding new customers and of course a models’ fans are her customers. Just like it’s crucial for members only websites to keep adding new members to replace those who go. Look at the affiliate programs for the Porn sites, they are streets ahead of their Glamour counterparts when it comes to affiliate programs and it works! Imagine if every month Brazzers lost more customers than they added, they wouldn’t last long, but they know who important promotion is and they Tweet real teasers some of their hottest content is made available for Freeview because they know that is the way to attract new customers. If new customers only saw text links to Brazzers or fully clothed lesser known models on FreeView why would they join? But what Brazzers shows them on Affiliate sites and Twitter is their hottest most famous models and clips of their best scenes.

It’s all about protecting your income which is why OnlyFans is vital but it’s also about growing the income so your fanbase isn’t staying static because it’s absolutely guaranteed that you will lost some members month to month. They HAVE to be replaced.

Thanks for reading.

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