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Sarah Louise is one of the best of all time, already a top model before she started on the Babe Channels her popularity shot through the roof with her work on Babecast as one of the original presenters of what is still my favourite channel.

Sarah Louise really took to presenting on Babecast and her natural sense of humour was evident straight away and working with Dionne Mendez, Teresa May, Rebecca Smythe, Emily Dean and Vicky V they made the channel almost a comedy channel at times. Over time of course the presenting side of the channels fell away and I know Sarah Louise agrees with me that this was a shame. However she still blossomed and her popularity continued to grow.

She has a huge fan base from her days as a photographic glamour girl and from her days on the Babe Channels and her level of popularity comes from her amazing looks of course but more than that she is someone who could receive a call from a guy on the channel and remember him straight away. Not just callers who call her every night and plenty do that, but people who maybe see her on Storm TV now and remember her from her Babecast days. The chances are she will remember him after a short chat and remember things about him from chats that happened years ago. She is almost unique in this, Dionne also has this knack. No surprise then that Sarah Louise is still one of the best on any channel and of course was an automatic choice for the Hall of Fame.

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NEW – Sarah Louise and Charlie Monaco in “Tunnel Of Love”

Sarah Louise in “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”


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