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Studio 66 TV – Daytime Beauties Video

Studio 66 TV The Channel Formerly Known As Elite TV

This Studio 66 TV video is a tribute to the daytime beauties of the channel which was Elite TV back when I made it. During this period, as a an aside, they had someone tweeting for them who was , I hear, a really good looking guy. Witty, eloquent, a real gent, but I digress. Seriously though it was fun tweeting for them and I had some good banter with a good few of the models, in particular Becky who appears in this video.

The daytime shows must be harder for the models in a lot of ways because with no phone sex allowed they have to find things to talk about with complete strangers for hours on end. I know of more than one night time presenters over the years who just refuse to do the day shows.

The music was inspired by Kelly Bell’s love of F1 (The video will need to pre-load which will take a few moments).

Features, Becky Roberts, Eva Rose, Kelly Bell, Adele Taylor and Fernanda Ferrari and they all show that models don’t HAVE to be naked to be a turn on! The music of course is by Fleetwood Mac and F1 fans will be VERY familiar with a certain part of the song when Kelly appears.

Studio 66 TV Daytime Beauties.

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