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Studio 66 TV – Daytime Beauties Video

Studio 66 TV The Channel Formerly Known As Elite TV

This is a video I made of the beauties of Studio 66 TV, which was Elite TV back when I made it, here’s the MP4 version, optimized for iPhone but will work on all Apple products and any that play Mp4 H264 videos. The music was inspired by Kelly Bell’s love of F1 (The video will need to pre-load which will take a few moments).

Features, Becky Roberts, Eva Rose, Kelly Bell, Adele, Fernanda Ferrari and they all show that models don’t HAVE to be naked to be a turn on! The music of course is by Fleetwood Mac and F1 fans will be VERY familiar with a certain part of the song.

Studio 66 TV Daytime Beauties.

DOWNLOAD HERE – Download Link

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