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Victoria Roberts – Studio 66 TV – Desire – Video

Victoria Roberts is one of the most popular of all Babe Channel models, first appearing on Bang Babes and stayed there until the day it closed when she moved to Studio 66 TV.

Victoria Roberts is now wowing viewers of Bluebird TV helped by possibly the most famous bum on TV, you watch when she takes a call how long it is before she’s clearly been asked to turn round. That said the view from the front is rather gorgeous as well, and THOSE legs. Suffice to say Victoria Roberts is a bit of a looker, she hasn’t succumbed to world of Twitter yet so I guess to chat to her you need to call her onscreen.

You can see more of Victoria Roberts at :-

Studio 66 TV

And on my main site – http://www.celebritiesrus.com/studio66tvmenu/index.htm

Victoria Roberts - Desire

The Video

Download Here – Download Here

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